Pros and Cons of using Appointment Scheduling Software

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett - Contributing Editor
Pros and Cons of using Appointment Scheduling Software

Scheduling is a nightmare, especially if you run a big organization. Given that it is a very detail-oriented and indispensable process, organizations often have to devote a big chunk of their time in scheduling and organizing meetings.

So an automated option comes as a saving grace, as it makes the process easier and the company more productive.

Pros and Cons of using Appointment Scheduling Software

What is an Appointment Scheduling System?

An appointment scheduling system allows an individual or an organization to manage the scheduling of bookings and appointments better. The client can use the tool and book appointments as per their suitable time, so the organization doesn’t have to allocate separate resources for the same.

Best scheduling tools out there

Acuity Schedulingoffers plenty of robust features like real-time availability, appointment reminder, calendar integration, and many more. The software improves sales and marketing campaigns. You can use this appointment scheduling tool to automatically schedule appointments.

Calendly can automatically connect with your calendars and check your availability so you can connect with your best contacts, prospects, and clients directly. It enables the client to pick a time, and it will be added directly to your calendar.

Setmore helps you connect with the client and set up appointments with them in a comfortable and manageable way. It saves employees a lot of time as they don’t have to deal with the client directly.

CheckFront is here to make management more accessible for you; it also has payment integration and analytical tools that can give you the best possible results. It can be a great alternative for Calendly as it has all the useful tools and supports the integration of many popular online services.


Like with everything else, appointment scheduling tool has its ups and downs, some of those pros and cons can be shown as follow,

  • It is convenient for the company as the client can themselves book an appointment through the appointment scheduling tool, saving a lot of time for your employees.
  • The dashboard feature can help you quickly get to any new updates or messages regarding a particular meeting.
  • If you are using online scheduling software that the data is stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing any data.
  • It also offers the client flexibility to change the timing of their scheduled meetings easily.
  • E-mail notifications and remainders provide both sides with updates about their meetings
  • There are substantial cost benefits involved as to use appointment scheduling software; you need bare minimums like a good internet connection and a computer.


With all the perks of appointment scheduling tool there are some downfalls also, let’s see which are they:

  • When clients are booking their appointment, it removes the personal touch they have with the company employee. It becomes impersonal, and clients get to see you directly at the time of appointment.
  • Sometimes it can also be difficult for the customer to familiarise with the new scheduling system, and thus it can result in alienated users.
  • Although using a scheduling tool saves some money, the system needs some renewal fee annually or semi-annually depending on the type of subscription bought.
  • Clients may choose to meet face to face to book an appointment; this can result in difficulty in synchronizing calendars.
  • A reliable internet connection is required for synchronizing calendars, and the client may not have access to a good internet connection. This can result to potential problems like missing new, updated, or canceled meetings.

What to take care of while choosing an Appointment scheduling tool?

The Appointment Scheduling system isn’t just about convenience over managing a calendar. The need for this tool affirms that many leaders in organizations require a well-organized system to maximize productivity throughout their organizations.

Nobody likes to go and meet ten clients in a day just so they can reschedule or cancel on you. Choosing the right tool can give you the benefit of saving your valuable time and effort.

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By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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