Apple is a brand with a big name. People from all across the globe love and use their gadgets. Over the years of its presence on the market, Apple has gained a reputation of a reliable, quality, and cutting edge technology brand. However, not all of its innovations are accepted by fans.

Pros And Cons Of Using iTunes

One of the most debated Apple-related topics is iTunes. This tool has been around for almost 20 years. It was evolving and changing along with the company’s devices, and millions of people around the world have been using it. Still, even now, there are some controversial opinions regarding the handiness of this tool.

Over the past decade, lots of Apple fans were reporting about their iTunes not syncing and other related issues. Due to different lags and failures, many users have cast doubt on the convenience of this application. Is it really so bad, or can it be actually beneficial? In this article, we are going to look at some of the main pros and cons of using this tool.

Pros And Cons Of Using iTunes

Pros And Cons

Although there are many different opinions regarding this tool, it has some great advantages. As its functionality was expanding, it has turned into a universal tool for managing your Apple devices and different media files. Here are some of the key advantages of using iTunes:

  • Wide range of features iTunes is no longer just a music management program. Now, it is a convenient media player and a tool that allows you to download or delete files, update your devices, create backups, listen to hundreds of online radio stations, and much more.
  • iCloud integration – one of the biggest pros of using iTunes is that it integrates with your iCloud and synchronizes across multiple devices.
  • A convenient way to manage media files – while managing media files right from your device is possible, it can be somewhat confusing and time-consuming, doing this with the help of iTunes is intuitive and straightforward. The app allows you to download and delete multiple files with a few clicks, which is very convenient.
  • Cost – downloading iTunes from the official website is free of charge, which is a significant benefit. Also, the company doesn’t charge you a cent for using and maintaining the app. Finally, it is worth noting that purchasing media content such as music, podcasts, videos, and more via iTunes is probably the cheapest way to have these files on your Apple devices. Besides, iTunes allows users to download some data (for example, music) to their smartphones and tablets for free by adding the files stored on your computer into the iTunes’ media library.

Despite an impressive number of benefits, there are also a few cons to it. Many Apple users complain about the performance of iTunes. Here are the cons that users should keep in mind:

  • Space – it seems like every update makes this application more and more space-eating, which is a big con.
  • Authorization limit – this can be inconvenient for users with multiple gadgets.
  • Performance – according to users’ reports, iTunes is known for running slowly, taking up too much RAM, and suffering from various lags.
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