A QR code generator can be an indispensable tool that provides quick, customer-centric and interactive solutions to businesses both big and small.


Customers can use their mobile phone’s camera to scan the QR code and get directions to the nearest physical store, a discount code, avail of special offers or to get important information regarding new products or services.


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How Can QR Codes Be Used For Business?

Information. Customers can scan QR to get to the business’ social media page, URL or landing page.

Promotions. Companies can have their audiences scan QR codes located in stores, for example, to get additional price cuts or freebies.

Business Card. An innovative way to present a digital business card will be to scan a QR code to get the company’s contact details.

Fun. A QR code can lead to a funny YouTube video or one that provides a demo of the product a customer just bought.

App Download. Customers can quickly get to the right app and download it to make their digital or electronic product work by scanning the QR.

Businesses can use any of the common applications for QR codes, or combine them for added effect. For instance, customers can scan the QR code on your business’ Facebook page to get directions to your restaurant, then dine in. They can scan another code to post a status update or to get a few dollars off on their next visit.

Moreover, your business can incorporate QR codes onto printed advertising material to save space and give customers the information they need to make a purchase or contact you for questions and concerns. A QR code can easily redirect the viewer to a special landing page where they can get more information before clicking the ‘buy’ button.

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