Technology is every day taking a step ahead and getting better than what it was yesterday. People, too, are seeking more and more ways to optimize their desktops and computers. As a result, developers all over the world are creating apps that improve user’s PC and their time online. However, can you trust them all?

Qualities of An App You Can Trust to Improve Your PC

There are certain qualities of an app that makes it trustable and dependable. You can test these qualities out yourself or refer to user reviews. Below are some of the qualities you can look out for:

Easy to understand UI

User interface refers to how a user interacts with the app. Any app that has the potential to improve your PC must be simple to understand as well as use. Apps with complex user interfaces rarely ever make it in the market. Moreover, you wouldn’t want an app that takes multiple clicks to get to the point.

So, if you are having trouble locating the services provided by an app even after using it a couple of times, you should bid it goodbye. Along with that, you should remember that any app is either supposed to solve a problem or add value. If an app does neither, it is only taking up your PC’s space.

Fast loading

Fast loading speed is one of the top priorities of most users. If an app is taking too long to load, most users will click on uninstall right then and there. Slow loading apps only add frustration to the life of the user and not any value, which is why an app that loads slowly is not worth it.

Along with loading speed, the app’s overall speed should be fast as well. Click-throughs should not take much time. It is the flow of an app that makes it worth downloading. Even if an app is useful and not fast, most users will not keep any such app around as it slows down their tasks. Frankly, there are too many alternatives to a single app, so why not go for the best?

High image resolution

You can’t watch a youtube video with 144p resolution, right? It is simply irritating, and half the time, you can’t tell what is going on; the same is with apps. An app that doesn’t offer high image resolution is very unlikely to improve your PC as you may not be able to properly read what the app presents. Moreover, the app’s display plays a significant role in the overall user experience.

Apps that have better graphics not only make the user experience fun but also make the information provided easy to understand. Developers are getting more and more creative with the displays and finding ways to make them more attractive. Therefore, any app that has low graphics and image resolution is mostly not given any thoughts or consideration by the developers.

Customer support

Every trustable app has efficient customer support that is available to answer users’ doubts. Moreover, customer support reflects upon the safety and security offered by an app to its user. If an app is unwelcoming towards user’s problems or reviews, it simply means that user experience is not a priority for them.

Also, remember to look for apps that do not have customer support just for the sake of it. A good app’s consumer support will always be active and fixing problems because that’s what it is there for in the first place.


Before you install any app for your PC, scroll down a bit and look at the reviews given by the people who have used the app. Reading the reviews can prevent you from even installing an inefficient app. Also, the bottom of the app is not the only place to look for reviews; you can even refer to YouTube.

Solve IQ – Your Go-To App to Enhance Your PC’s Performance

If you are actively seeking an app that improves your PC’s performance and has all the qualities listed above, Solve IQ is what you are looking for. The app not only gives your system protection and security but also boosts other apps to work faster than usual. The app is heavily focused on making the user experience better. It is reflected in their motto, too: “Until There’s A Perfect PC, We’ve Got Work To Do.”

There are several reasons why Solve iQ remains unbeatable in the department of PC optimization. Below are some of these to help you know more about the app:

  • Real-time optimizations: As we mentioned before, slow apps are just not worth it. However, at times you find apps that work the best in every aspect than speed. In such conditions, Solve iQ helps you out by providing real-time optimizations. The app speeds up all the apps you are working on within a real-time sense.
  • Automatic updates: Let’s be honest no one likes updating their apps themselves. The little pop-ups that your computer sends you are often used for ‘remind me laters’ than the actual updates. Therefore, Solve iQ features automatic updates that can upgrade your system for you. You can’t sit back and relax while your computer updates itself.
  • The best tuning service: Tuning systems make sure that your system is optimized for the internet connectivity present around you; Solve iQ does it better than any other app present in the market. Their tuning services have remained at the very top because of the quality provided by the developer.
  • An efficient clean-up system: Unnecessary files and redundant images often take up extra space in your PC. Solve iQ’s clean-up system gets rid of all these files for you. It makes space for important documents and files. Along with that, the app provides top-notch security. Therefore, it keeps your PC optimized by removing useless files and securing your system.

That was all! Now you know all about the qualities that an app meant to optimize your computer systems should have. Remember these points, and you will never find a slow-loading useless app on your PC.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.