React JS Market Needs and Where to Find React JS Developers for Hire

React Native and React.js are very popular, and they will be for a long time. With excellent declarative nature and its ability to create dynamic user-interfaces, easy ways to render and update components, and its resourceful and extensive community support, the React framework consistently drives many engineers into the market. With the endless supply of so-called React js developers for hire in the market, you may find it difficult to get the best developer on your team. In this article, we will show you just what to look for when your company needs to hire react developer, and many of the places you need to look out for to choose the best developer.

But first, what is React.js?

Before you hire React js developers, you need to know exactly what the market demands from a professional react programmer and what the framework exactly does. React.js is a 2013-released JS library that developers use in building web-based interfaces. The framework was developed by a Facebook programmer, Jordan Walke, and gives developers the capacity to create large-data applications and the flexibility to change data components without having to reload the page. React.js is fast, flexible, scalable, and simple.

React JS Market Needs and Where to Find React JS Developers for Hire

React Native, a sister framework of React.js and a framework built from the same codebase as React.js, further allowed developers to build cross-platform mobile applications, both in android and Iphone; hence, rendering the React framework into a complete component that will enhance large integrated web interface and mobile apps.

The main purpose of React.js is to be fast and scalable; while remaining simple, and give the developers the ability to create components for application skeletons. With more than one million GitHub repositories, and direct use in many enterprise-size projects including Instagram, Udemy, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Netflix, the React framework is certainly one to work with for both app and web interfaces.

How to Hire React.js Developers

1.    Anyone can claim a work that he/she did not do. This trend is most common in remote working platforms. This is why, while looking through the portfolios of candidates, ensure that you verify every single work the candidate claims to have done. ‘I led a team of developers in creating an impressive car race game using the React framework’ your candidate might say; but, is his name mentioned in the credits? Every app has credits. Most importantly, what role did he play? Was he really a team manager or he played minor roles?

2.    How many years has he developed using React.js? Before you hire react js programmer, ensure that the candidate is well experienced. And by experience, the candidate must be very active with the framework. Some programmers do more in two years than others do in ten years. How many single pages app has the developer created? Has he ever managed a full-stack project? His the developer brilliant and responsive? Most importantly, is the developer up-to-date on new React.js trends?

3.    Technical skills: Before you hire react js programmer, you must be certain that the programmer has in-depth knowledge and skill with different programming languages, including Javascript, CSS3, and HTML5. The candidate should also be familiar with sister frameworks like node, and other technologies like Webpack, Redux, and Babel. Knowledge of CSS modules, styled components, SASS, and LESS, is essential, and the programmer must have React Native knowledge.

4.    Testing: Writing codes with frameworks is not enough; the applicant should be able to test the web application with programs like Jest.

5.    While it isn’t a giving, a programmer with knowledge of Vue, Angular, and Backbone js, is usually experienced with a wider set of frameworks and the knowledge will come in handy while he uses react.

Interviewing React JS Developers For Hire

Here are things to look out for before and during an interview process:

  • If you do not have an idea of what programming should look like, read up on what to expect from a potential react programmer. An in-house full stack developer can help with getting the best candidate from the available pool.
  •  During the interview, ask as much questions as possible: Below are some questions that will rattle a novice programmer and showcase an excellent one:

1.    What web issues have you fixed with React?

2.    What is JSX?

3.    Have you ever used React without JSX?

4.    What feature do you like the most about React?

5.    What’s the difference between React.js, Vue.js, and angular.js?

6.    What’s your opinion about React.js?

7.    What are keys in React.js and what are they used for?

8.    Explain what a stateless component mean in react.js?

9.    What’s a flux?

10. Can a flux be compared to an MVC?

11. Why is Reacxt.js popular?

12. What’s a real DOM?

13. Have you ever used a virtual DOM?

14. What is a pure component in react and how does it differ from a general component?

15. What’s the best React’s syntax? The ES6 or the ES5?


Hiring a React js programmer can be hectic, especially because the framework is popular and many people claim to be great at building web applications and interfaces with it. Expect a horrendous flow of applications once you publish a job listing. You must work hand-in-hand with your HR team to filter the good programmers from the bad ones. And search for an experienced react js developer for hire.