Revolutionize Your Ride with Black Friday Savings: Up to $700 OFF on Addmotor E-Bikes

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By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
Revolutionize Your Ride with Black Friday Savings Up to $700 OFF on Addmotor E-Bikes

Buying an electric bike can be hard for those with a tight budget and low income. If you are in the same situation, Get ready to be surprised with Addmotor’s Black Friday Sales 2023 discount. As a leading brand in the industry, Addmotor has announced impressive discounts and offers on all their electric bikes for sale.

To celebrate this special occasion, Addmotor is offering 5 different levels of discounts, allowing you to save up to $700 on the purchase of their electric bikes. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy significant savings while acquiring top-quality electric bikes.

Revolutionize Your Ride with Black Friday Savings Up to $700 OFF on Addmotor E-Bikes

Are you ready to revolutionize your riding experience with great savings and enjoy luxurious rides? Read the full article below to learn about all of Addmotor’s black friday dealsand offers. Let’s have a look at the features of these Addmotor electric bikes for sale.


$300 OFF on All Addmotor Cruiser Series Electric Bikes and Citypro E-53:

During the Addmotor BLACK FRIDAY SALES 2023, you can enjoy a fantastic discount of $300 on our cruiser series electric bikes and the Citypro E-53. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your bike to a cutting-edge marvel of technology. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer during BLACK FRIDAY DEALS.

Let’s quickly look at some of the models valid for this offer, and explore their amazing features. 

1.   Chopptan M-70 Electric Bike:

Revolutionize Your Ride with Black Friday Savings: Up to $700 OFF on Addmotor E-Bikes

The Chopptan M-70 electric bike for adults is an amazing marvel of modern technology and robust performance. This powerful electric bicycle features a strong and highly durable frame constructed with 7A19 alloy aluminum material, an adjustable handlebar, and a steel front fork.

Furthermore, the e-bike is installed with a highly effective 20Ah battery which offers pedal assistance up to 105+ miles distance. On the other hand, it is equipped with a high-power rear-mounted motor of 48V * 750W to ensure a robust power supply for smooth functionality of the bike on different terrains.

The M-70 e-bicycle has some other useful features including a comfortable seat, EB 2.0 chip-type controller, digital Display, 7-level pedal assistance, 20-inch fat tires, and an integrated lighting system.

2.   Soletan M-66X Electric Bike For Adults:

Revolutionize Your Ride with Black Friday Savings: Up to $700 OFF on Addmotor E-Bikes

The Soletan M-66X is the perfect choice for those looking for a stylish and comfortable riding companion. It is designed with a focus on offering maximum comfort of riding during long journeys and unbalanced ground. The step-over frame is prepared with 6061 alloy aluminum and reflects a 1970s retro look along with a stylish saddle, U-shape handlebar, double fenders, footrest, and spring suspension. 

For effective performance and power supply, this electric bike for adults is equipped with a high-power Bafang brushless 750W motor and a 20Ah long capacity battery. This perfect combination of battery and motor offers a loading capacity of 300 Lbs and distance coverage of up to 105+ miles per charge.

Moreover, The Soletan e-bicycle has some other interesting features including the speed sensor, 7 levels PAS, half twist throttle, power cut switch, multi-function tail light, quick release front wheel, mechanical disk brakes, and 20″ puncture-resistant tires.

3.   Citypro E-53 E-Bicycle:

Revolutionize Your Ride with Black Friday Savings: Up to $700 OFF on Addmotor E-Bikes

The Citypro E-53 electric bike for adults is the finest choice for daily commuters and city riders. The bike is a perfect combination of efficiency, powerful performance, and robust construction as it can cover up to 125+ miles distance per charge. The design features a highly durable polygon frame with oil spring forks and a curved U-type handlebar, all part of the EB 2.0 model.`

The Citypro e-bike boasts a powerful 500W rear hub brushless motor, capable of delivering an impressive peak wattage of 907W. What sets it apart is the high-capacity 48V*29Ah battery, comprising 3200 battery cells, which serves as the driving force behind its seamless functionality.

This long-range electric bike for adults also boasts some other useful features including a Chip-type controller, power cut switch, ½ twist throttle, intelligence pedal assistance, multi-purpose rear light, hydraulic disk brakes, 26″ durable tires, and a well-padded saddle.


$700 OFF on Wildtan M-5600 Electric Bike:

Revolutionize Your Ride with Black Friday Savings: Up to $700 OFF on Addmotor E-Bikes

The second level BLACK FRIDAY SALES 2023offers $700 on Addmotor Wildtan M-5600 off-road e-bike. This is an amazing opportunity for you to equip yourself with a powerful e-bike and enjoy motorized rides on all types of different terrains. This is one of the highest savings offers from BLACK FRIDAY DEALS.

Let’s have a look at the features of both these Addmotor electric bikes for sale.

Wildtan M-5600 Electric Bike For Adults:

The Wildtan M-5600 is designed specifically for conquering rugged terrains and mountain trails. This bike is primarily utilized for hunting in remote wilderness areas where other e-bikes may struggle. It boasts a premium 6061 alloy aluminum frame, a 120 mm adjustable air inverted front fork, and 26X4.5 inch fat tires.

With its powerful 1000W mid-drive motor, this electric bike effortlessly conquers challenging terrains. Equipped with a high-capacity 17.5 Ah battery, it ensures long-lasting rides of over 60 miles on a single charge, eliminating the need for strenuous pedaling. Enjoy the perfect blend of performance and endurance with this remarkable electric bike.

Furthermore, this e-bike boasts some other useful features including, a smart digital display, hydraulic disk brakes, 5-level pedal assistance, 30A smart controller, motor cutoff switch, and integrated lights.


$600 OFF on Motan M-5500

Motan M-5500 Electric Bike For Adults:

The Motan M-5500 electric bike for adults is popular for its unique look and shark mouth paint design. The sturdy construction and hardened frame material make it suitable for riding on all types of terrains including city roads, wastelands, mountains, and hills. The frame is made of 6061 alloy aluminum and gives an aesthetic look with its camouflage color, aluminum handlebar, and digital display.

The main power source of Motan M-5500 is its 17.5Ah battery and 1250W rear hub motor. This perfect combination provides impressive power efficiency up to 60+ miles per charge and can carry loads up to 350 Lbs. It is installed with hydraulic brakes and a motor cut-off switch to ensure safety especially when riding on rough terrain.

The M-5500 Mountain e-bike is equipped with some other useful features including a variable speed controller, half twist switch, light sensor digital display, integrated lighting system, waterproof wiring, and 5 levels of PAS.


$200 OFF on Citypro E-43 and Garootan M-81 Cargo Ebike

Addmotor’s next discount offer includes a $200 discount on the Citypro E-43 city commuter e-bike and Garootan M-81 Cargo e-bike. You will be given a flat discount of $200 on buying these 2 e-bicycles during BLACK FRIDAY SALES 2023. Don’t miss the opportunity to avail this huge discount and buy your perfect riding companion from Addmotor’s BLACK FRIDAY DEALS.

Let’s explore some of the main features and abilities of the e-bikes.

Citypro E-43 Commuter E-Bike:

The Citypro E-43 bike stands out as the ultimate choice for daily commuters, offering extensive coverage and remarkable power. Its design is centered around delivering efficient power and ensuring long-lasting battery performance. With the E-43, you can effortlessly cover distances of up to 125+ miles per charge on PAS1, making your daily commute an absolute breeze.

The bike features a 2022 polygon frame, U-type handlebar, hydraulic disk brakes, comfortable saddle, and Kinda Gigas puncture-resistant fat tires. It boasts a powerful rear hub motor of 500W and an upgraded capacity of 20Ah Samsung battery for smooth and leisurely rides.

Moreover, the Citypro e-43 is equipped with a chip-type controller, multi-purpose controller, 5-in-one tail light, 7-level pedal assistance, variable speed control, motor cut-off switch, and half twist throttle.

Garootan M-81 Electric Bike For Adults:

Revolutionize Your Ride with Black Friday Savings: Up to $700 OFF on Addmotor E-Bikes

The Garootan M-81 is a cargo electric bike designed with a spacious rear rack, perfect for carrying additional loads or attaching a kid seat. With this rear rack, the bike’s total loading capacity is increased to an impressive 350 lbs. The main frame of the bike is constructed with high-quality 6061 aluminum alloy material, ensuring durability and strength. It is equipped with an oil spring fork and a hydraulic disk brake system, providing a smooth and reliable riding experience.

The bike is equipped with a powerful rear-mounted motor of 750W to ensure consistent availability of power. It is installed with a high-capacity rechargeable Samsung 20Ah battery that increases the distance coverage ability to 105+ miles per charge.

Moreover, the M-81 cargo bike boasts some other amazing features such as a speed sensor, 7-level pedal assistance, LCD display, chip-type controller, power-cut switch, variable speed controller, integrated lighting system, and half twist throttle.


$100 OFF on Addmotor Electric Bikes For Sale:

In this exclusive offer during BLACK FRIDAY DEALS, you can get a $100 discount on buying Foldtan M-160, GraooPro, and Motan M-430. Get ready to elevate your riding experience with a saving of $100 during BLACK FRIDAY SALES 2023.

Let’s have a quick look at the features of the Garootan M-81 and Graoopro electric bikes for sale.

Graoopro Electric Bike For Adults:

The Graoopro dual-battery e-bike features a 6061 aluminum alloy polygon frame and is fitted with double batteries to ensure convenient and long-lasting power availability. The bike is available in both single-battery and double-battery variations and covers distances of 105+ miles and 210+ miles respectively. The batteries are perfectly installed under the rear rack and don’t consume any extra space.

The bike is equipped with a powerful 48V X 750W rear wheel motor for accurate delivery of power and maintaining balance. The motor can reach up to 1000W maximum peak watts and can produce maximum torque up to 80N.M. This combination of motor and double battery offers 450 Lbs loading capacity.

Moreover, it offers a range of practical features such as fat tires, a torque sensor, a 7-level PAS, a digital display, a mechanical disk brake system, a U handlebar, a rear rack, and a highly efficient lighting system. In conclusion, this electric bike equipped with dual batteries is a perfect option for adults looking to enjoy extensive range during long-distance rides.

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