Role of IOS Developer in making iOS Mobile App Compatible?

An iOS developer is a coder who constructs applications for mobile, specifically on Apple’s platform. 

These iOS developers are responsible for everything, from writing the base code, to quality checks, to bug fixing, to updates,  to maintenance and a lot more in between.

Role of IOS Developer in making iOS Mobile App Compatible?

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of the article, here is what you will learn from this piece:

  • What exactly is an “iOS Developer”?
  • What are the roles of an iOS developer?
  • Hiring best practices, tips, and tricks for iOS developers.

These developers make a handsome amount of money while doing so as well – according to these reports by Glassdoor and Indeed, the average iOS developertakes home well north of USD 105,000 every year, and that is not including benefits.

In this article, you will be walked through the roles, requirements, and expectations of aniOS developerfrom beginning to end.

We will also tell you how you can cut down (by more than half) on that exorbitant amount that is an iOS developer’s salary.

Without any further ado, let’s get into what you came here for.

Role of IOS Developer in making iOS Mobile App Compatible?

What Exactly Is An “iOS Developer” In The First Place?

To answer this question, you first need to grasp how iOSin itself works, and what Apple’s business strategy is.

First off, iOSis apple-exclusive (unlike Google Android which is available across brands), and apple devices are iOSexclusive.

This means that every iPhone(ever produced) runs some version of iOS, and nothing else was even an option at any point in time.

As to the question of Apple’s business strategy as far asiOS applications are concerned, Apple has adopted a “walled garden” strategy.

Essentially this means that only Apple (native) and Apple-approved applications will be allowed to run on iOS (and hence iOS devices). This is in sharp contrast to Google’s Android Play Store, where pretty much anyone can create, upload, and sell their own applications.

TL: DR = Apple wants its products to only work within their own “ecosystem”.

That said, iOS developers are in great demand and short supply not just because of Apple’s brand and device popularity, but because of this “walled garden” strategy.

You see, aniOS developerneeds to know the development structure of iOS, Apple’s architecture, and the iOS code compatibility like the back of his or her hand.

Thus, we lead into the next subsection: the roles of aniOS developer.

Role of IOS Developer in making iOS Mobile App Compatible?

What are the roles of an iOS developer?

Throughout the entire process of developing an application for the iOS ecosystem, a developer cycles through a number of tasks, the most common of which are listed below.

Note: it is important to note that building a proper, professional-grade iOS applicationis never a solo operation – there are usually (at minimum) three to four developers, each of whom generally has some sort of specialization that comes in handy for the ongoing project.

That aside, here are the various roles that an iOS developer takes on throughout the application development cycle:

Role of IOS Developer in making iOS Mobile App Compatible?

1.    Designer

The first role that a developer “adopts” is that of a designer. Even before the code is starting to be written, the design elements of the application need to be mapped out.

The main objective of this role is to get the UI (User Interface) of the application semi-finalized before the coding begins.

Reason: it is much easier to code around a decided UI than the alternative, which is to adjust the UI after general coding.

Working knowledge of UI elements must execute this role effectively.

Role of IOS Developer in making iOS Mobile App Compatible?

2.    Developer

Coding for an iOS application requires familiarity and comfort on the developers’ part with languages such as Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, C, or C++.

Although it is rare, some developers choose to code their iOS application in java, which is not supported by apple, but by using a third-party downscaler (that reduces code from Java to native iOS binary), they manage to build decently solid applications.

That said, most enterprise-grade iOS applications are written in either Swift or in Objective-C because these two languages have proven to be the most scalable and efficient within Apple’s walled garden market model ecosystem.

While developing the actual application, the coder must follow good coding practices such as naming nomenclature, and folder structuring, and make sure that their code is easily legible and can be debugged with ease.

Role of IOS Developer in making iOS Mobile App Compatible?

3.    Tester

After the coding process is nearing completion (say, after 80% completion has been achieved), an iOS developer needs to begin testing and fixing (as applicable) the application.

This could be in the form of runtime simulations, alpha testing with test groups or beta testing with end users – whichever is the most appropriate should be chosen.
It is then the iOS developers’responsibility to compile data about the tests and make any modifications, if necessary, to the application.

During this stage, if the application is released to the public or to a test group, feedback on the app also needs to be gathered at this point.

The feedback should include things like the user experience (UX), KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and suggestions for improvement if any.

Role of IOS Developer in making iOS Mobile App Compatible?

4.   Maintenance And (Initial) User Support

It is the responsibility of the iOS developers to troubleshoot their application as and when bugs and glitches crop up here and there during the development cycle.

For a few months after the app has launched, or on a permanent basis, if they are employed by the publishers full-time, the post-lunch app maintenance is the responsibility of the development team.

Rolling out updates also comes under the purview of the developers.

Note: Data access management and backend integration is not always done by the build team, but your company may require you to do so as part of the iOS app development process.

Role of IOS Developer in making iOS Mobile App Compatible?

Hiring Best Practices

As you have already been intimate, the salaries that in-house, full-time developers charge an arm and a leg in addition to your firstborn to work for you.

However, a new-age solution to this problem is to outsource your talent remotely – remotely assembling your team, or even a part of your team results in huge savings.

Remote teams also have the benefit of not being limited by geographical or time constraints, and should you choose to hire iOS developers remotely, you can get rates for developers as low as USD 1,750 per month.

Hiring remotely will give you a truly global talent pool in addition to massive cost savings, whilst maintaining the standards that one expects of professionals in the IT industry.

Role of IOS Developer in making iOS Mobile App Compatible?


The information industry leader Statista also tells us the following information:

  • According to this statistic, there are almost 135 million iPhone users in the United States Of America alone.
  • The developer payout for Apple AppStore applications has crossed USD 260 Billion as of January, 2022; according to this factsheet.
  • Apple’s sales from iPhone in the second quarter of 2022 compartmentalized are upwards of 44 Million in number, this report tells us.

Translation: the iPhone is an extremely popular device for users worldwide, hence, there is a huge demand for iOS applications worldwide too.

Thus, the roles of an iOS developer should be made clear at the outset of any project. With that, we’ll bid you adieu, and we’ll see you in the next article.