RuneScape Through the Years: From PC to Mobile Devices


Runescape is a very well-known game which was released on the 4th of January 2001 by the company ‘Jagex’. It was a game almost everyone had played when they were young kids.


The game allowed for great bonds between families and friends, bringing everyone close together to collaborate within the game. Hundreds to thousands of hours were invested by players during their childhood grinding bosses or competing with each other over getting a higher skill level. Running to school to show all your friends all the runescape gold you had made the previous day was a joyous feeling to all Runescape players.

Nowadays, there is hardly anyone ever online. Your friends list is almost always all red.

The player base decline

As you grow older, you start to mature and start setting your life objectives and priorities in order, and sadly, Runescape just is not in that priority list anymore. A majority of the player base decline was actually from the release of a much-disliked update called the ‘Evolution of Combat’ from 2012.

This update consisted of changing a lot of the combat mechanics of Runescape. It was much disliked because it made Runescape become like any other MMORPG out there. People wanted Runescape to remain unique as it always was but this update changed everything.

The birth of Old school Runescape

Just shortly a year later in 2013; Jagex realized that the Evolution of Combat update was a huge cause of the decline in the player base so they decided to set a poll up to see if re-releasing the 2007 state of Runescape would encourage people to come back to the game again. This poll recorded a total of 449k votes to get the game back.

Shortly after, Old school Runescape was born and hundreds of thousands of players were playing once again just like before. It was quite possibly one of the best decisions Jagex has ever released.

What about now?

People are continuously joining both the Runescape and Old School Runescape community every single day. The game became so popular that they invested time and money into making the game mobile too.

This way the mobile users can have fun playing Runescape too. This was revolutionary for Runescape as you could log off from your computer and then carry on at work or school on your phone just as you left off. Thousands of new players had joined Runescape after the mobile release which strengthened the community even further.

iOs users can easily download the Old School RuneScape mobile app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and start playing the most popular MMORPG anywhere, any time.

Although Old School Runescape is supposed to be a replica of the state of Runescape in 2007, it is still very frequently updated and new content is released all the time. New bosses, items, and quests are released regularly. One example is the continuation of the famous ‘Dragon Slayer’ quest. Dragon Slayer II gave out a fun, new storyline along with a challenging boss and a couple of unique items.

Overall, Runescape is still running well and it seems they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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