Samsung Note 10 vs Apple’s iPhone 11: Everything you need to know


In a press event at Cupertino, California, Apple showcased its new iPhone 11 that caused a massive stir in the smartphone world.

Samsung Note 10 vs Apple's iPhone 11: Everything you need to know

On Sep 10, Apple announced three variants iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Its premium version has a triple camera lens, large display, and with extra battery power. But how does it compare with the best Android Phone, Samsung Note 10? Find Out!

Samsung Note 10 VS Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Highlights

Let’s see some highlights of the features for the two phones:

Samsung Note 10 vs Apple’s iPhone 11: Everything you need to know


iPhone 11 and Samsung Note 10’s designs are much like their previous models. iPhone 11 Pro Max has a slightly larger screen i.e. 6.5 inches compared to Samsung’s Note 10 6.3 inch screen.

Since there is an addition of an extra lens on both sides, there is a slight change in the camera arrangement. Note 10 has changed its lens arrangement from being rectangular to vertical while iPhone 11 has changed its lens arrangement from vertical to slightly rectangular/circular.

The rectangular wedge in Note 10 is more appealing than the iPhone 11’s wedge and wins by a good margin.


This year, it seems both Apple and Samsung decided to add a third lens to their repertoire. These include Wide, Telephoto, and Ultrawide.

iPhone 11’s all camera lens is 12 MP including a selfie cam. It captures a 120-degree field of view but adds extra width to capture photos of landscapes.

Galaxy Note 10 has 12 MP (wide), 16 MP (ultrawide), and 12 MP (telephoto) with 10 MP of selfie cam. It offers a 123-degree field of view that makes an impressive set of features when it comes to capturing photos.

Both phones have gone one step ahead by adding more lenses, but generally, the competition normally revolves around post-processing software. Generally, Apple cameras take softer and lighter spots, while Samsung has a decent Night Mode that makes it a success.

You can take a variety of shots with both phones so there’s no clear winner for this matric.


iPhone 11 is by far the fastest iPhone yet having the new A13 Chipsets. This was revealed in the September event and it was said that it’s the fastest chip ever in a smartphone. You can expect that the performance will rise to new heights.

Samsung Note S10 uses two kinds of processors either Snapdragon 855 chip or the Exynos 9820. Both processors are the best. Apple’s previously A12 chip was better than the 855 chip so we can safely assume that Apple’s chip is the best. But that doesn’t matter because both are fast and perfectly capable of playing games and watching Movies safely.

iPhone claims that the new iPhone 11 Pro Max has 5 hours more battery power than its predecessor iPhone XS Max. However, both Note 10 and iPhone 11 Pro Max has the same battery power at 3500 mAh which is good enough.

There’s one feature that Apple has an advantage over Samsung. In its September event, Apple also announced that it would introduce it’s streaming service Apple TV+ that will cost its users only $4.99/mo. That’s about 50% less expensive than Netflix.

When it comes to networking, all of Apple’s newest iPhones now supports Wi-Fi 6. But what that means to you? No, there’s no support for 5G if that’s what you’re thinking about (expect that in 2020).

All three models support 802.11ax the technical term for Wi-Fi 6. To be noted here, S10 and Note 10 were the first mobile devices to support it and this surely puts iPhone at the top with these phones.

Wi-Fi 6 is the newest version of wireless networking. It supports faster transfer speed, facilitates better performance in a crowded environment (Airports, Stadium), and is more secure. Although the latest iPhone and Samsung mobile devices have a built-in VPN that users can setup manually, but there are also some best VPN app for iPhone that users can download on App store or I would suggest using ExpressVPN, the best ever.


There’s no doubt that Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max is certainly the most refined iPhone yet, but no one can deny the superiority of Samsung’s Note 10 in its product line by far. We haven’t yet seen major changes from their predecessors but these are the top choices available for both brands.

It’s difficult to choose one brand over the other because each of these brands has unique features to offer. Both phones are packed with great camera features, best operating system (iOS 13 and Android 9), and a powerful processor.

If you want a mobile set that lasts longer and gives you the best performance ever, both would do fine. It would have been much easier to choose between the two phones if they had come up with break-through innovation but that is not the case.


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