SAY: A Conversation Network for Authentic Video Chats

Today’s social media landscape is packed with shared content, from commentary and opinions to pictures and videos. Unfortunately, with this generosity of media expression comes an overabundance of negativity and noise.  It makes sifting through to find meaningful conversation and discussion a seemingly full-time dreaded chore.  With that in mind, if creating and posting your own video chats and engaging with actual people is the experience that you’re looking for then Say for Android or iPhone is the conversation network you’ve been looking for. 

So get ready to lose the bots and trolls from the discussion, because authentic interaction is all you’ll find here.  Packed with features designed to create a safe, online social environment, check out all Say has to offer in our latest official app review.

SAY: A Conversation Network for Authentic Video Chats

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SAY:  A Conversation Network for Authentic Video Chats

Show the World What’s On Your Mind

Unlike other social platforms that enable its users to express themselves in a constructive two-way setting in the form of video testimonials posted as comments.  The posts can then be tagged for easy search and discovery by other members, where they can then give feedback at their own time and at their own convenience. Replacing written words and pictures in favor of video chatting adds depth and dimension to the discussion, leading to discourse built around quality and substance. Moreover, Say puts constructive dialogue at the core of the experience in lieu of social media’s usual one-way shouting.

Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

Another key differentiator that sets Say apart from other social sharing platforms isinits ability to allow users to see who they’re communicating with as people rather profiles.  As a result, this type of interaction enables users to be treated to a more authentic experience.  Through the use of video chat to transmit communications for users to convey what’s on their minds conversations are seemingly brought to life.  The ability to be seen and heard by fellow Say users adds authenticity and passion to each topic of discussion, opening things up to more robust dialogue.  Unlike interactions on other apps, video chat conversations on Say never fall flat. 

SAY:  A Conversation Network for Authentic Video Chats

Built-In Phony Patrol

While trolls, bots, and posers are a signature element of other conversation facilitating apps, thankfully the same cannot be said for Say.  With a refreshing emphasis on positivity as a signature element of its DNA, the app provides both a welcoming place for its community members, as well as one where they can feel safe to open up and be themselves.  In short, Say is a real conversation network fueled by thoughtful, respectful, and quality conversation.

App Availability & Pricing

Anyone looking for a fun, safe, and a more authentic alternative to the stale, traditional, social media app would be well served to consider Say.  Moreover, talk is cheap when it comes to the app, as the video chat conversation network is totally free for users to download and use.  True to its all-inclusive nature, any and everyone is also able to put his or her voice on display regardless of their mobile device with either Say for iPhone as well as Android devices.  So if you’re ready for a change from the tired conversation polluting the traditional social media airwaves, consider downloading this new app and get ready to “Have Your Say.”