SEO Tips to Improve Your Website’s Ranking


This year’s SEO will be mostly about the audience. As such, businesses must plan ahead if they want to attract customers and improve their ROI and sales margin.

SEO Tips to Improve Your Website's Ranking

Your content marketing campaign should mostly focus on driving traffic and acquiring leads in a user-friendly manner. With the help of a content marketing company you can improve your website and rank on top in 2020.

Cater to NLP

The latest Google algorithm update is Bert, an engine that focuses on user intent. NLP, or Natural Language Processing is an AI-powered platform that dissects content to determine what the topic really is, and to connect them to people who are looking for them.

That said, keyword-stuffing is out and natural writing is in. Focus in delivering user-centric content and you’ll rank up quickly. Google will automatically pick up the keywords based on how you write so you won’t have to worry about technical details.

Establish Brand Authority

In today’s world it’s all about establishing your unique business brand and creating a niche. Aside from intent-based articles and videos, you will need to establish trust via online reviews and ratings from several platforms, including the most popular social media platforms and review sites.

In conjunction with a competitive search ranking, your brand authority matters when you want to reach new heights. Improve your products’ and service value so you can get a better online presence.

Utilize Content in All Forms

People love to consume content in all its forms. YouTube became a massive hit as users would rather watch videos than read huge chunks of text. Infographics followed next and gave readers a visual-based content they can easily absorb in just a few minutes.

You can lead the pack by utilizing all available content, whether it be images, text, video or audio. Podcasts and explainer videos are great entries to other forms of content and they engage your audience as well.

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