SEO Trends that Impact Businesses in 2021


Businesses who want to succeed online must keep a close eye on SEO trends, as it could mean the difference between getting the lion’s share in traffic and falling by the wayside.

SEO Trends that Impact Businesses in 2021

Here are 4 trends that impact businesses in 2021.

YouTube and similar platforms continue to push the world’s internet bandwidth, and businesses should pay attention. It’s wholly recommended to have a video component in your SEO strategy.

Treat video like content by adding in the keywords so it can be searched. You can also add it to a landing page that has the same keywords for optimized effect.

Less Sales Copy, More Buyer-Centric

Greater focus should be given on the consumer and not just a static sales page. To this end, content should be more on how to fix the most common pain points.

Voice Search on the Rise

New technology can have an impact in SEO trends, and voice search is making huge waves online in this regard. Along with AI and conversation sampling, voice will change the way we interact with search engines.

Mobile, Mobile Mobile

Mobile SEO is an absolutely vital part of any SEO strategy for businesses this year. More and more people rely on their smartphones to do everything, from shopping to finding a local restaurant.

If your business is not optimized for mobile then they’re losing out on valuable sales and profits. It’s not that difficult to make your website look good and streamlined on a smaller screen, and this can pay dividends in the long run.

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