10 Best Free Phone Number Lookup with Name

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By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
10 Best Free Phone Number Lookup with Name

Reverse phone lookup with name is used to identify people by providing their name, phone number, or home address. It can provide information about a person’s name, age, relatives, gender, current city, state, aliases, and social media accounts.

People often get scam calls and suspicious messages that scare doubt about certain people playing games. For such occasions when you want to check who is on the other side of a call or chat, free phone number lookup helps to find out scammers.

10 Best Free Phone Number Lookup with Name

Basically, a free reverse phone lookup with name software can check any person’s identity in many ways.

To save your time, we have listed down top 4 phone number lookup services for your assistance:

  •  Instant checkmate – Find Out Your Old Mate by His Name (100% works)
  • CocoFinder– Find the Identity of the Fake Caller within Minutes
  • TruthFinder – The Best and Completely Free Lookup Service on Internet
  •  Intelius – Find Out the Unknown Caller Immediately

1. Instant checkmate

Instant checkmate provides background checks to the users, which includes exact information about a person. It tells the users if the specific person is a sex offender or not if he has any criminal record or not.

It provides many ways of finding out scammers or old lost friends. For example, its free phone number lookup service would require adding a person’s number, and it will start pulling off details. If you want to find any lost person, the app requires just to know his name or phone number.

10 Best Free Phone Number Lookup with Name


a. The background check of a person tells his background and past history in the public record. It includes his educational history and criminal record.

b. The application provides exact social media links, including Facebook, and it also provides the target’s email addresses.

c. If the related person has alternative phone numbers or email addresses, the app would show it to users as well.

d. The software provides important information about a person’s living areas and his past home addresses.


It has confusing price strategies that make people buy the wrong subscription according to their requirements.

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2. CocoFinder

CocoFinder provides information about a person by just typing his phone number in a free reverse number lookup. Hence, the software would start providing possible lists or people through its vast database records.

10 Best Free Phone Number Lookup with Name

People finder tool straightway provides the specific person’s current address, his past court records, his business details, financial details, and business details, and past data.


a. Application provides a vast search engine to users, which requires them to add as minimum information as a person’s name, and then it starts lending details.

b. It has the feature of a White page, which works as an advanced form of any typical phonebook. It provides information about a person’s name and the possibilities of how to contact them.

c. Public record search can only provide specific details, but CocoFinder provides a full record of any person. It just requires adding a person’s name in people’s search, and it will bring out his home address, education, and other data.

d. Through CocoFinder’s people search option, the user can find information about a person by searching through their name.


Sometimes, its services come at an extra price, and you will need to pay an extra $5 every month.

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3. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is a totally free reverse cell phone lookup with name used for looking up phone numbers, addresses, and criminal records of various individuals. It provides a dark web intelligence service that provides information about bank account numbers, phone numbers, driver’s license, credit card details, social network accounts, and telephone numbers.

10 Best Free Phone Number Lookup with Name


a. The application provides deep and lengthy information about the person and has the capability to provide information as far as 15 years back. The database has vast data and accurate information.

b. As social media has a great contribution to all online activities, the application provides a person’s social media links. By which, one can find their ID, profile picture, name, and other data.

c. Truth finder provides deep background information about a person’s criminal history, his affective relatives, financial status, and employment history.

d. It provides details and data of a person like any advanced online phonebook, which provides details of a person when you write their number.


Few social media links turn out incorrect sometimes, as well as phone records and email addresses. Schooling history can also be left out.

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4. Intelius

If you want to know any property details or look at anyone’s address, Intelius only requires you to know his address. The rest of the details about the property, including current and previous residents, sales history, and home value.

10 Best Free Phone Number Lookup with Name

Beneficial features that Intelius offers

a. It has a free phone number lookup service that provides the business associated with the person and his educational history.

b. The application provides a person’s name, age, address history, possible relatives, and phone type carrier.

c. It has a background check that would provide a complete history of a person, including name, spouse name, affairs, registration as a sex offender, and criminal past record.

Minus points of Intelius

 It tends to show less information as compared to other apps and the pricing it offers.

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5. TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch provides background check and phone lookup details. It is more like searching for anyone on Google. Because it just requires entering the name or phone number of a person and pulls off maximum details of the target.

It provides an instant background check to the users by just requiring the target’s basic information like his name, or phone number.

Key points of TruePeopleSearch

a. The application is the top one in identifying the criminal records of any person. If a person has any criminal record, the app would instantly show it.

b. It can also pull-off the driving record of a person. If he has a background as a drug-seller, the app can also provide it.

c. The software can confirm a person’s educational record. Furthermore, it also has the capability to provide the financial background and employment history of the target.

Shortcomings of TruePeopleSearch

a. The application has deceptive price practices.

b. Sometimes, the provided information turns out inaccurate such as a person’s address or alternative phone numbers.

 6. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch provides its offering for free. The free phone number lookup by name service is more like searching for anyone on google.

It offers people search, phone lookup, background check, and address lookup. These services provide maximum details of a person.

Upright points

a. its background check provides the target’s hidden or personal information. If the person has any criminal record or influential relatives or family members, the software shows it in a single search.

b. The software would bring his phone number, criminal record, address, and social media accounts, etc.

c. If a person has any sex offending history, criminal record, or any registration on dating sites, the application also shows it.

Downside reviews

For canceling the subscription, the application requires cancellation fees, which is not acceptable for its users.

7. PeopleFinder

PeopleFinder provides information about a person by just asking for his name, phone number, or address. After providing small information about the target, the application starts providing possible people from the public record.


a. By requiring a target’s name, the software provides accurate phone numbers, relatives, dates of birth, and accurate age. It also provides job or company information from his past history

b. The phone lookup service provides all confidential information, including his location, full identity, and social media accounts, with credibility.

c. When the user provides the home address of the target, the application will tell the record of current and past residents and their whole history.

Why is PeopleFinder not one-for-all?

a. Many people have registered complaints about the app about its inaccuracy in providing data.

b. The software demands a cancellation fee to cancel the subscription, which does not seem fine to the users.

8. PeopleLookup

PeopleLookup provides information about a person by his name and number. If any scammer or unknown person is disturbing or asking for your personal details, you can put his phone number or name and find out his identity.

Helpful features of PeopleLookup

a. If you want to access their names, ages, addresses, and phone numbers, just enter their name or phone number.

b. The application can tell if a phone number is registered to any business site and provides the business details of the person and his financial state as well.

c. If a person has any criminal record or any sex-offending history, the app would immediately show it.

Drawbacks of PeopleLookup

a. The app demands fees but provides as many details as any public search can provide.

b. Sometimes, the provided data comes out inaccurate, like the app occasionally misses to show crime history.

9. Better Future

Better Future provides details of the target through his name, number, or address. It has 3 ways to find out the exact details of a person, including his full name, alternative numbers, email addresses, and other social media accounts.

Plus points

a. By providing the address detail to the app, it will show you current and past residents, property owner, and location history. Moreover, the app also shows the sale price of residency.

b. The application can also provide background details of a person, such as his marital life, his registration on dating websites and criminal records, etc.

c. When the user adds a phone number, the app would provide name, age, phone number, gender, and business details of the target person.


a. Better Future will appear on the billing statement of users, which is a bit privacy-invading.

b. Individuals can opt-out of the service.

10. SpyDialer

SpyDialer provides information about a person’s name, phone numbers, residency details, business, and educational data. It also finds out the date of birth, age, and marital life of the target.

The application is free of cost and provides details of the target through his name or phone number like a public search.

10 Best Free Phone Number Lookup with Name


a. If you provide the email address of the person, SpyDialer will identify the target’s other phone numbers, social media profiles, name, family, and educational background.

b. When the user enters the address of the target, he will be provided with his home details like its selling price and its worth. The application also provides the record of former and current residents.

c. The background check pulls off the target’s background history, such as his criminal records, court records, employment history, and educational institutes.


a. It is free to use because it is a public search and hence, lacks many features.

b. Sometimes, the provided data is insufficient or inaccurate.


The article has concluded that reverse lookup services offer four ways to find out the target’s information. These four ways include search by name, reverse phone lookup, White pages, and address lookup. The search by name service would demand the name of the target, and provided information includes the target’s full name, his date of birth, age, and education.

The free reverse phone lookup with name would provide alternative phone numbers or email addresses of the target, his business, employment details, and social media profiles.

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