Setting Up Your Phone With Every App You Could Ever Need


With an average screen time of 3 hours and 23 mins for the average person in the UK, it is no surprise that there is an app for everything nowadays even IOS apps designed for maximum privacy and user security. With both IOS and Android devices becoming very common it is like having a mini computer in the palm of your hand. In this article, we are giving you insight into some of the apps that you need on your mobile device in the second half of 2019.

Setting Up Your Phone With Every App You Could Ever Need

Mobile Games

Mobile games are one of the most downloaded apps on both Android and IOS and have several benefits. Evolution of technology has had a massive impact on the mobile gaming industry. Game providers are not only striving to create engaging apps, but also provide games that stimulate, surprise and teach us to be problem-solvers, fast-reactors and decision-makers. One of the greatest examples of game innovation can be noticed in the igaming industry, which throughout the years kept players on their toes with virtual reality games, any device-compatible apps, video play or live streaming options on the go.

Password Saving Apps

 More and more people are using their phone as a way of accessing the internet and replying to emails instead of sitting at a computer to do so. Because of this, there are several passwords being entered into several accounts every day so much so it can become confusing. Therefore, apps such as LastPass and Roboform are a must have for your device as all the password you could ever need is all in one place making your life so much easier.

Internet Browsers

 If you are not a fan of the traditional safari browser on the traditional iPhone, you now have the option to take advantage of Google Assistant and other web browser applications. This is ideal for any device both IOS and Android, as you can customise the web search experience without the need for safari. Though Google Assistant comes as standard on Android devices, this is an app worth having.

Maps / Travel Apps

With several free navigation apps available on both Android and IOS devices, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to helpful apps. With the likes of Google Maps, Waze and City Mapper all available you can have minute by minute updates with traffic regardless of the destination you are heading to. This is ideal as you have all the traffic updates you need whether you are in the office or on your way home.

Social Media

Another application that is a must-have for your device is Social Media. Whether this is Facebook, Snapchat or another other social media application, they can all be kept in an easy to find a folder for you to enjoy and use when you need them. This is key as this allows you to connect with people all over the world from a cellular device.

Fitness Apps

The final applications that are needed are fitness apps. These outstanding applications can connect with fitness trackers to help aid you in your journey to fitness and achieving your desired weight. With applications such as the Fitbit app and my fitness pal. In addition to this, there are a number of amazing apps for overall health such as headspace to help you reach zen and perfect your meditation. Each of these simple to use fitness apps can be downloaded for free and are the perfect tool you need to change your everyday routine.

With a number of amazing apps that are both free and paid you can have a completely customisable experience with your device and can delete and install at every stage. Which will you install first?

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