SharePoint On Premise to SharePoint Online Migration

Several techniques can be used for SharePoint on premise to SharePoint Online migration. The volume of thedata to be migrated from the on-premises version to SharePoint Online is the most important factor for deciding the right technique. As far as the Office 365 productivity suite is concerned, SharePoint Online is an integral component of the subscription that allows users to leverage the advantages of cloud technology for collaborating sharing, storing information, as well as for communicating. 

With SharePoint Online, applications can be shared and there can be a common pool for resources. It simplifies searching and gathering organizational resources while reducing the expenses involved in managing servers. Here are some of the factors that have to be considered for migrating from on-premises SharePoint to SharePoint Online.

SharePoint On Premise to SharePoint Online Migration

Use Of SharePoint Migration Tool

The SharePoint Migration tool is a solution that is provided by Microsoft for the seamless transfer from the on-premises version to SharePoint Online. It can be used for moving files and document libraries on the on-premises server. It has a minimum requirement of 8 GB RAM, 150 GB space in the system’s hard disk, a stable high-speed internet, a Windows Operating System (Win 7 or Server 2008 R2) among other specs. For businesses not using SharePoint Migration Services, the SharePoint migration tool is the best alternative.

Site Structure Preparation

The way the content is organized determines the site structure. This is a crucial element in planning as many organizations have several applications on-premises. This is not the case with Office 365 where everything is on the cloud. Therefore, the latter allows the creation of site collections.

Businesses must first collate their web applications list detailing the content size. These will then have to be arranged in SharePoint Online. If there are 11 sites on the on-premises SharePoint Server, there must be a corresponding number of site collections on SharePoint Online. Subsequently, the farm data should be analyzed before the migration either using PowerShell cmdlets or a reliable third-party tool that performs a similar task. Third-party tools generally have the ability to find out the content’s database size and other factors such as site numbers, and subsites, other web applications, and other farm entities. 

Permissions for On-Premises to SharePoint Online Migration

Several permissions have to be granted for the migration to be initiated. The administrator for the site collection must give a go-ahead for the migration and its subsequent management. If there is an administrator at the farm level, the copy structure function can be run for moving collections from web apps. This has to be run for the specific user account through which the process will be initiated. Similarly, managed metadata copying requires team store admin permissions. The best solution is to request complete control for the migration process.

Assisted On-Premises SharePoint to SharePoint Migration Service

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