Should you buy an Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watches make great wrist companions, with their great blend of operating systems, features, and designs. If you’re looking for a watch you can wear and just not worry about, the Apple Watch series would actually be a pretty good choice. In this article, we’ll be reviewing Apple Watch Series 2, which came out just a year after Apple brought out the great original Apple Watch.

A lot of things about Apple Watch 2 makes it quite a choice for outdoor and sports activities, as you’ll see in the sections below. We also compare a similar product with the Apple Watch S2 in the section Apple Watch 2 vs. Garmin Vivoactive HR.

Why Apple Watch Series 2


Apple Watch Series 2 is one of the most affordable Watch is the Apple product line. So, if you are looking to get started with apple watches with a low budget, you can certainly consider buying the Watch Series 2. If you are concerned about Apple having discontinued selling the product officially on its website, don’t worry, you will still be receiving the updates for the product and if something goes wrong, the active Apple support would be still there for you at least for a few more years.

 Advanced features

Apple products are known for their advanced features. Despite being a relatively older one in the series, Apple Watch Series 2 does offer a good lot of features to its user in comparison to many other smartwatches available out there. There’s Wi-Fi of course, and then there is GPS and a bunch of other options. You’ll be able to set it to connect automatically with your iPhone when it’s nearby.

However, one of the prominent features of the Apple watch series, that is, the independence of the device from smartphones for functions like making calls, streaming music, etc. would be available only from Apple Watch Series 3. The cellular data and independent functioning would not be available therefore in case of Apple Watch Series 2. But well, when you look at old versions of any products, it is only understandable that we can’t get all the features in the latest products. But, if you’ve been looking forward to that feature, you might have to consider Series 3, which is the next most inexpensive option, instead of Series 2.


Apple Watch S2 comes with a good water resistance. It’s going to be okay in up to 50 meters of water (salt-water and freshwater both, if you’re wondering). This is a pretty good feature when put against most other smartwatches and the series predecessor.


Apple Watch S2 packs a good enough OS and performs somewhat faster when put against its predecessor.

Apple Watch 2 vs. Garmin Vivoactive HR

Garmin Vivoactive HR is a good enough alternative to Apple Watch 2. But which one of these is actually better? Let’s see.

Screen resolution: Apple Watch 2 aced this one with a resolution of 270 x 340 pixels in comparison to the 0.8 x 1.13 pixels of Garmin Vivoactive HR.

Feature:  Hardly any product can beat Apple watches when it comes to features. There is a bundle of options like Alarm Clock, Reminders, Stopwatch, Goal setting, and Social integration that the Apple Watch packs.

Screen protection: Apple Watch comes with a scratch-resistant glass while no such added protection is available with Garmin Vivoactive HR.

Battery life: Apple watch lags here- its battery life is quite low in comparison to the Garmin model. This actually is the one downside of the Apple watch altogether- with the GPS use, the battery can drain in a day’s time.

Mode of Charging: You can charge the Apple device Wirelessly, while the same isn’t possible with Garmin.

So, to wrap up this review on Apple Watch Series 2, it is a good enough choice for users who’d like to have an Apple smartwatch at a relatively lower price. A lot of features and qualities of S2 makes it suitable to be used with sports activities. With features like GPS, brighter display, and water resistance, you’ll find it very comfortable to use for running, swimming etc.

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