Should You Buy iPhone 11 or Wait for the iPhone 12?


Well, Apple just announced an official date to launch iPhone 11 through its official site. According to several reports and the rumors on the internet, it is being said that Apple is going to introduce a total of three iPhone 11 models. Among them, two will have an OLED display and one will rely on LCD. Just like every upcoming iPhone, there are already several speculations regarding the features which may come with iPhone 11.

Should You Buy iPhone 11 or Wait for the iPhone 12?

It is confirmed by several analysts that two of the high-end iPhone 11 models (which may end up called as iPhone 11 Pro) will have a triple camera setup at the rear and the remaining one iPhone 11 model that is believed to be the successor of iPhone XR will have a dual-camera setup at the back. But before even the launch of iPhone 11, many industry analysts including Ming-Chi Kuo and JP Morgan have reported some exciting details of iPhone 12 (iPhone 2020). So the question is, should you upgrade your smartphone with iPhone 11 or wait for iPhone 12?

So according to all the speculations about iPhone 11, we have gathered that Apple is adding a triple-lens camera setup in square bump at the back, a new matt finish, better shatter and water resistance capability, improved Face ID features which will work from more angles, bigger batteries, A13 chip, bilateral wireless charging and some other minor changes in this year’s iPhones. But we have learned about iPhone 12 is something more exciting. It is being said that Apple will 5G model in iPhone 12 which means Apple will launch iPhone 12 with 5G support in 2020.

Not only this, Apple was recently reported filing a patent for Touch ID so yes Touch ID coming to the iPhone 12 models but in a better way. It is said that an array of pinhole camera will be placed under the display and the user will be able to unlock the device with a fingerprint from any part of the screen. Now, this doesn’t mean that we are going to lose Face ID but we are definitely to get a smaller notch (annoying notch). Kuo’s latest report suggests that Apple will downsize one of its current iPhones from 5.8 to 5.4-inch screen size, making the device more pocket-friendly. It could have full-on rear-facing augmented reality camera and USB-C, but these rumors are not backed by reports of some renowned analyst so we cannot rely on it.

After the launch of iPhone 11, we can guess more about what Apple may bring in 2020 iPhone but 5G connectivity, new Touch ID, and a smaller notch are confirmed. The answer to our headline is that iPhone 12 sounds more promising than iPhone 11. If you are using an iPhone older than 6S then we would recommend you to go for iPhone 11 or other refurbished iPhones for sale at a cheaper rate to enjoy iOS 13. iOS 13 is also slated to release this year in fall. So if you are using an iPhone that has iOS 13 support and you are satisfied with the camera of the device then you should for iPhone 12 till September, 2020.

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