Should You Use A VPN for Online Gaming?


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) for online gaming? Well, you might think that it’s an absurd idea, that even if you leveraged one of the best VPNs out there, you’d still experience a higher ping time and a slower connection.

Should You Use A VPN for Online Gaming?

Although these may be potential pitfalls or drawbacks, there are many good reasons why you should use a VPN for gaming. The most apparent reason is unrestricted access. VPNs allow you to access games that are geographically restricted and play any online games freely from anywhere in the world.

Fortnite blocked? The obvious solution is to use a VPN. In this post, we’ll walk you through several reasons why a VPN is needed for your online gaming. Read on!

Reduce Overall Lag and Ping Times

Although your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can offer you upload speeds and fast download, notable online gaming demands for more. Say, for instance, when it comes to high ping, upload speeds and fast download might not aid you.

Also, you’re most likely to come across slower response times, which, in turn, will adversely influence your gaming experience. Keep in mind that if your ping is higher than usual, your gaming experience could be worse.

Virtual private networks allow you to lessen overall lag and ping times by enabling you to connect to web servers nearer to the gaming servers. Moreover, to avoid lagging, make sure to connect to a server that’s not overly congested.

Terminate ISP Bandwidth Throttling

Your ISP may be the ideal service delivery. However, in terms of ensuring all customers are served equally, you may need to deal with bandwidth throttling. Internet service providers use throttling to offer users with equal experience and limit bandwidth.

Bandwidth throttling happens when your ISP perceives you’re creating a huge load on the network. It can be due to online gaming or streaming content. Thus, resulting in slow connection speeds for all the users on the network.

This intentional slowing of an internet service by an ISP can wreck your online gaming experience. Fortunately, VPNs can bail you out by using data encryption. Therefore, blinding your ISP from your online activities. When you use a VPN, bandwidth throttling can be impossible, and your gaming experience will get the upgrade it deserves.

Travel and Play

Undoubtedly, traveling has its advantages. However, most of the time, it could also mean missing some of the perks you enjoy at home. For instance, how would you connect to your gaming server when you can only access are the local servers at your destination?

Thus, it could mean missing out on your online games for a while. A VPN offers many servers scattered all over the world at your service. So, by connecting to your home country server, you can still play your online games without waiting to get back from your travels.

Earlier Game Release

For most gaming enthusiasts, the wait for several new games to launch in your home country could mean sleepless nights. Take note that some publishers tend to lurch game releases depending on geographical locations.

For example, new games would pioneer in America first, Japan, Europe, and then the other parts of the world. However, why must you wait? Investing in the best vpns like ExpressVPN can allow you to avoid this restriction and access a new online game as soon as it is launched. You just need to connect via a VPN server in the same country where the game is already launched.

Fight Off DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks is a process wherein other people try to break into your network traffic. Then, it overwhelms your network with a surge of internet traffic to make you go offline.

These online attacks have become very common that even those people without technical knowledge about it can perform them through a DDos Service. With regards to online gaming, competitive eSports matches and PSN networks are likely to get attacked.

Fortunately, a VPN can safeguard you from DDoS attacks by concealing your real IP address from other online gamers. Thus, your network won’t be swamped with unwanted network traffic.

Choosing The Best VPN for Online Gaming

There are many things to consider if you want to convene the best gaming experience from a Virtual Private Network. For a fast connection, opt for a provider that offers more servers. Also, look for something with speedy performance levels. Lastly, look for bonuses like dedicated gaming servers and DDoS protection.


VPNs are something every gamer must consider. From data security, uninterrupted gaming, to fast speeds, VPNs can improve your gaming experience significantly. The reasons outlined in this post are just a few; there are a lot more reasons why a Virtual Private Network is an ideal option for online gaming. If you take online gaming seriously, then try using a VPN and see what good it can do for your gaming experience.

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