Sign Documents Online By DottedSign, the Smartest E-Signature Solution

Electronic signature has improved the services of different companies in the modern business world. Unlike the wet signature, e-signatures can be applied to documents conveniently from any device with an internet connection. You can sign and approve time-sensitive contracts, purchase orders and application forms within a matter of minutes. This will save your time and corporate financial resources. You will also realize that efficient means of closing a contract creates confidence and trust between the parties involved. That’s why we are introducing an electronic signature solution, DottedSign.

Sign Documents Online By DottedSign, the Smartest E-Signature Solution

DottedSign is a cloud-based electronic signature service available on iOS, Android, and Web. It takes care of all signing scenarios users could possibly come across, including signing on their own, requesting signatures from others — both in person and remotely, or even signing for packages.  DottedSign gives you the flexibility and ease to simplify your workflow and lets you focus on more critical tasks in hand. You can sign documents in a digital, secure, and legally binding way.

Sign Documents Online By DottedSign, the Smartest E-Signature Solution

Highlights of DottedSign

Get the Signatures You Need On the Go

DottedSign guides you step-by-step when creating signing tasks. Easily import document from your local files, emails, Google Drive, Dropbox, Kdan Cloud, or other apps. Assign various fields to your clients/suppliers and hit send. If needed you can request supporting documents and attach reference files in the same task too.

What is even better, DottedSign recognizes the fact that any company whose contract workload scales as the business grows, the last thing you want is to lose momentum having to recreate the same contract each time you close a new deal. For this exact purpose, DottedSign provides reusable templates to speed up work efficiency to another level. Once you assign signature and/or other fields on a document, it can be easily duplicated each time you or a colleague needs a signature. You can close deals on the go by signing remotely on any device or desktop anytime, anywhere.

Track and Manage Multiple Tasks In One Place

Leave the tedious loop of printing paper copies, faxing and emailing documents back and forth with your clients. DottedSign centralizes all signing documents in one place and categorizes them by status including ‘Waiting’, ‘Completed’ and ‘Drafts’.

If you have a team who sends out multiple signing tasks on a regular basis, DottedSign’s Admin Console is definitely the best solution as the managers and project leaders can quickly identify each member’s work progress. DottedSign is simple and user-friendly in the sense that you only send out one request email along with the task to the assignees, and it automatically follows up for you from there. Farewell to calling clients one by one and invest more time on your mission-critical tasks.

Sign Documents Online By DottedSign, the Smartest E-Signature Solution

Secure and Legally Binding

On top of the fact that electronic signatures are just as legal and safe as paper-signing, DottedSign ensures users with its digital trails and account center management, along with its encryption, strengthening the confidentiality of the documents. In the signing process, the signers will be requested to provide a passcode which will be sent via SMS or email to verify their identity. When all parties have completed signing, each recipient will receive the completed document along with a digital audit trail, including  a comprehensive log of each signer’s identity and movements recorded.

DottedSign has already been assisting small to medium-sized companies digitize their signing process. If you are looking for digital solutions to speed up your workflow and better navigate remote working environment you are in during the pandemic time, DottedSign will be the perfect match. Don’t sit and wait, visit DottedSign and claim the FREE trial today!