Ever had to be physically present to sign a document, but for one reason or the other, you couldn’t make it in time? Are you tired of scanning, printing, and physically appending signatures on stacks and stacks of documents?

Sign PDF Free Online with eSignature

If your answer to these questions is yes, there’s a better way to go about signing documents, which not only increases efficiency, but maximizes productivity – the use of electronic signatures.

With electronic signature solutions like CocoSign, business partners can electronically sign as many records and legal agreements as possible. For most people, CocoSign is the way to go because the platform is secure, convenient to use and the signatures they provide are legally binding. They have etched their name in gold and made themselves distinct as the standard for online document signing. Using an online signing solution like CocoSign you can sign PDF documents online, fax them to other signatories to do the same and monitor if and when they have signed.

Sign PDF Free Online with eSignature

How Does Electronic Signature Work?

eSignature is a digital form of signature used to capture the signers’ intent to be bound by the content of the document they are signing. Electronic signatures like traditional wet-ink signatures are legally binding and valid. Still, to be seen that way they must meet the following requirements:

  • Capture signer’s intention to sign
  • Authenticity of the signature can be independently verified
  • There must be some form of identity verification to determine that the signer is who he/she claims to be
  • There must also be proof that the signed document has not been modified or altered after signing

Reputable online signature solutions must conform to the standards laid out by Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), US Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act) and Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS).

How to eSign PDF Online with CocoSign?

An increase in the popularity of electronic signing has given birth to a resultant increase in the number of free electronic signature applications available today. A PDF signature solution like CocoSign has ushered itself to the forefront of online signing applications because of its reliability, security and versatility. Follow the steps below to sign PDF documents. 

Choose File

Proceed to the electronic signature page of CocoSign. Locate the pdf you are signing, then drag and drop it in the highlighted box. You can also click the ‘Choose File’ button to upload the pdf onto the platform or pick the document from Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

Sign PDF Free Online with eSignature

Add Signature Field

To sign any pdf, you will need to create a signature field. For singular signers, tick the “I’m the only signer box”, followed by the ‘Next’ button. In the following page, (add fields section) you will be asked to add a signature field and sign as required.

If there are multiple signatories to the document, you will be taken to the “Add Recipients” section instead. Here, write out the email addresses and names of recipients needed to sign the pdf. You can also mark a select number of people to receive copies of the signed document.

Sign PDF Free Online with eSignature

Sign Document

Afterward, sign the document by typing your name, uploading a scanned image of your handwritten signature or draw within the platform using a mouse or trackpad. Once done, click ‘Next’ to make permanent changes to the document.


Click Next and you will be taken to the download page where you have the option of downloading the document’s to your device’s local storage or sending it by email to others.

CocoSign is the top pick for millions of individuals and businesses who wish to sign documents online.

Why Should You Choose CocoSign?


CocoSign is tested, trusted and has shown compliance with several industry standards to ensure that all data or documents signed, shared and stored on the platform remain confidential. The shared data is protected with several overlays of protection. Some of the security standards in question include GDPR, PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA certifications.

Batch-sign documents

The batch-signing feature allows you sign tens to hundreds of PDF and other document formats for free

Several signature templates

To ease the signing process, CocoSign has made available a bunch of signing templates you can use each time you want to sign documents. You also have the freedom to create custom templates for yourself.

Supports multiple file formats

Many electronic signature providers have made attempts at designing a platform that supports different file formats, especially PDF. However, many of them would have to convert these PDF files before they can esign them. With CocoSign, you can sign PDF online as well as many other formats like jpg, docx, PDF, xls, png, jpg.


Regardless of the device or the platform that device runs on, you can sign PDF online once the signature fields have been inserted. All you need is a device that connects to the internet and can house a web browser through which the platform can be accessed.

User-friendly interface

Unlike many other online electronic signature free applications, even non-tech savvy individuals can navigate this platform easily and sign documents with no hassles or stress whatsoever. The platform also loads quickly across different platforms.

Examples of Different Uses of CocoSign

CocoSign’s unique electronic signing process is used for issuing invoices and processing of sales contracts. Some of its other uses include:

  • Commercial lending
  • Contract modifications
  • Service agreements
  • Real estate transactions
  • Legal transactions
  • Retail finance
  • Signing of online petitions
  • e-Contracting
  • Loan applications
  • Procurement and sourcing
  • Email protecting
  • Secure online banking transactions
  • Submitting appeals and applications
  • Customer forms
  • Supplier and vendor agreements
  • Identity authentication in VPN processes

How Can Your Business Benefit from CocoSign’s Electronic Signature?

These are some of the reasons why you should consider integrating CocoSign into your business’ workflow.

Improvement in  business efficiency

With CocoSign integrated into your business workflow, you can spend less time and effort on signing documents. The time saved can then be reinvested into more fruitful business transactions that can help increase your business’ ROI.

Cost reduction

Using CocoSign will save you not only the stress of printing, signing, scanning and mailing documents through courier services especially for express deliveries, but reduce the cost to a bare minimum. The cost of doing this for one document might seem very insignificant but it adds up with time especially if you have to do those regularly.


It provides its users with a very convenient means of co-signing documents. Even though users are geographically distant from their business partners, suppliers and customers, they can still collaborate and sign business deals and agreements within a few minutes.

Faster turnaround and business efficiency

With increase in convenience comes an improved turnaround time and by extension, business efficiency. With CocoSign, you can process transactions and close deals quicker than usual. Signing online, especially with the use of signing templates also eliminates monotony, and makes your business more efficient.

Other reasons why you should transition to online signatures and have CocoSign as your electronic signature provider are:

  • The platform is simple and intuitive to use
  • Proper document management
  • High level of security


Do I need to convert my PDF files to any other format before signing them?

Some electronic signature providers would normally automatically convert your PDF file to another format before signing it. However, this can mess with your document formatting and rubbish contents like images and hyperlinks. CocoSign doesn’t. You can sign PDF documents seamlessly using this platform.

Can I sign a PDF on my phone?

You can esign PDFs using any PDF signer or PDF signature platform like CocoSign from your Android, Linux, Windows or iOS-based device as long as it has a strong internet connection and a browser. Since the platform can be accessed via browser, you can logon to the platform and sign documents online using a stylus pen or fingers on the touch-screen interface.

How can I preserve the integrity of my signed PDF?

With electronic signing solutions like CocoSign, your electronically signed PDF is tamper-proof. A special kind of electronic signature, digital signature protects your documents from modifications or edits post-signing. If modified, the appended PDF signature becomes null, void and is no longer legally binding.

What’s the maximum file size that can be uploaded and signed electronically?

For most electronic signature providers, the file size cap is about 25MB or less. If your PDF is of a larger size, you can try resizing it using any file compressor that would compress it and still retain the PDF format.

Which should I use to sign my PDF, electronic or digital signature?

This depends on how confidential your document is. You may want to use digital signatures for financial documents that if leaked could cause harm to your business. This is because they involve more security protocols than ordinary electronic signatures.


Electronic signatures are here to stay. They are pretty convenient, safe, yet as legally binding as traditional wet-ink signatures. A brand that uses electronic signatures can cut down costs and process transactions faster.

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