Do you want to track the location of your children and spouse? You will need an iPhone tracker. With the help of a tracker, you can keep an eye on the location of your child. Moreover, built-in GPS data can help you to know its current location.

Simple Tricks to Track the Location of an iPhone

Cellphone tracking is suitable for parents to know the location of their children. Learn how to track an iPhone for the safety of your children and other family members.

Find My iPhone

You can find this app in settings. It contains a “gear” shape on your home screen. To use this option, you will need an Apple ID. Sign in to your iPhone with an Apple ID and unique password. Now tap “iCloud” available in the second portion of the menu.

Find My iPhone is located near the base of the “Apps with iCloud” section of the menu. Turn on this option to turn its icon green. It will activate a feature to find the location of your iPhone with another device. After activating this feature, your iPhone will send its location to Apple when the battery is low. You can launch this app or open iCloud in a browser to get the last location of a mobile.

Track an iPhone by Number

With “Find My iPhone” app, you can track your device by its number. Log in to iCloud to track your device. Google Maps can help you to detect the present location of a phone. It is possible to send a message to your phone. This message will notify the current holder that this phone is lost.

Moreover, establish a password to lock your iPhone and delete its content to protect your sensitive information. If your iPhone is lost somewhere in the house, you can find it with the sound of a loud alarm. To get all these benefits, it is essential to download the “Find My iPhone” app before using your iPhone. See these simple steps to track your iPhone by number.

  • Login to iCloud site with your password and Apple ID.
  • Hit on the icon of “Find My iPhone”. It will give you access to map with one green dot. The green dot will show the current location of an iPhone.
  • Tap on “i” next to the name of your iPhone in a green dot. You can see a list of options.
  • Hit on “Send Message or Play Sound” for your iPhone to make loud sounds. With this sound, you can find a lost iPhone in your home, if available. If you are not finding your phone, set a 4-digit code to lock your iPhone and click “Remote Cleaning”. It will remove information in your device.
  • Tap on the logo of iCloud in “My Devices” box in the upper corner of the screen to come back to the home screen of iCloud.

GPS iPhone Locator

To track your iPhone, you can use the GPS locator of your device. GPS locator is a built-in feature in an iPhone. It will be easy to find your iPhone with a GPS locator. Feel free to use a third party GPS locator to track your iPhone. Try to find reliable GPS services with protected servers.

iPhone users can use Find my Friends app to locate the iPhone of their family and friends. Users are liable to stop sharing locations as per their desire. Beforehand, iPhone users must accept the request to share the location. You will get a real-time and precise location. This app is useful for iOS devices only. If you need a free app to track your iPhone, you can rely on Find my Friends.

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