Skillhub Resume Writing Service: What’s in It for You?

Finding a job without a good resume is almost impossible. ATS systems and recruiters set new standards for these documents nearly every day. As a result, average job seekers are stuck following online advice with mixed results. Many use outdated resume-building tips and don’t get past the scanning systems.

Professional resume-writing platforms aim to resolve this disparity. They promise millions of job seekers a proven way of getting noticed and hired. Today, I examine one of the rising competitors in this market – SkillHub.

Skillhub Resume Writing Service What’s in It for You?

Resume Writing

Unlike other market players, SkillHub gives customers complete freedom with resume writing. Before setting up an account on the platform, I could take a look at some of SkillHub’s templates. It’s nice to see what you’ll be getting. Another good thing is the options customers have when it comes to resume creation.

The platform offers several ways of tweaking resumes. People go here to create documents from scratch or edit existing files. Professional writers work on resumes in both cases. What makes the platform different is the way you search for authors. After registration, I got to the dashboard and took a look at the order-placing process.

Placing Orders

It ended up being one of the weaker parts of SkillHub. Other market competitors give customers more options. For example, they allow providing contact, skills, experience, and other data. Instead, the form only asks for basic information:

  • the type of product you want (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, etc.);
  • the level of your job experience (entry, mid, or senior);
  • whether you need to write or edit the order;
  • deadline and language.

The estimated price is generated by the system. The end price may vary depending on which writer you get and how complex the job is. I find the system to be a bit backward. Instead of this, it would be easier to browse through writers and tell them what you need first. The dashboard also doesn’t allow variety in data input.

Another downside is that you always have to submit an outline or an old document to resume writers. It doesn’t matter if the resume has to be done from scratch or edited. I hope that they’ll introduce more data fields for users to fill out. Writing a draft instead of selecting parameters on the dashboard seems complicated.

Writing Experience

Little nitpicking aside, the actual experience with SkillHub writers was quite rewarding. I got several offers within an hour of placing the bid. The people I talked to were pleasant and listened to my suggestions. Finding the right person for the job took about a couple of hours. Then, I kicked back and waited for the results.

I’m glad to say that the writer didn’t keep silent after taking the job. I often chatted with the guy about various parts of the resume. He was polite and professional and always came up with new ways of making the document even better. Together we ended up with one hell of a resume. It was clear, to the point, and provided all info an employer would ever need.

While not without issues, SkillHub shines when it comes to its writer staff. These people aren’t just good at compiling documents. They know the recruiting market in and out, as well as which things will get people hired.


As I’ve mentioned before, SkillHub has several options when it comes to resume writing. The price range is reasonable for this category of services. For $49 or $89, you can edit an existing resume or order a new one. That’s a good solution for people who want to give their applications an extra spark. SkillHub also offers a couple of other services to make life easier.

Besides a well-made resume, you can order a cover letter or work on a LinkedIn profile. Of course, it costs extra, but it’s worth the experience. I recommend you check out the resume side of SkillHub before deciding on anything else. These options are more suitable for high-level job seekers.

An average job applicant will be content with the services on this platform. It may seem costly, but you won’t need to create another resume for some time. Once you have the document, editing it will be a piece of cake.

Unlike other similar platforms, SkillHub is very lenient when it comes to revisions. I can’t think of a platform that offers four weeks of free rewrites and a 60-day refund.

Final Thoughts

In general, working with SkillHub was a pleasant experience. The service doesn’t offer a variety of options when it comes to its dashboard. But it compensates with a great team of writers and flexible prices. Give it a try next time you need professional help taking the next step in your career.