The world is rapidly evolving with all the technical marvels. As such, most people tend to spend more and more time online, which has caused an increase in demand for Football apps, websites or even fantasy football games. All of these websites and applications require accurate, speedy and reliable soccer stats and data. 

Soccer APIs 2020: How to select the right Soccer data provider

Suppose you are starting your business or are looking to expand your existing business or hobby. The business’ success depends on selecting the appropriate soccer data API provider, which will effectively and successfully fulfill your needs. 

Picking the right Soccer API provider for your hobby project or your sports business can prove to be complicated. There are many questions you would have to ask yourself before you can make a proper selection. 

That is why we’ll be discussing some of these questions today, all so you can find the right provider that will suit your needs.

Important Questions 

The most important question you should ask yourself is what type of data you will provide your customers. There are Fixtures, odds, standings, live scores and many other types of soccer data. Knowing what you want to show your audience means you can look for a soccer API provider that matches your wishes. Why would you purchase a livescore data API if you aren’t planning on showing live scores in the first place?

Other questions could be: How much money do I want to invest in a soccer API provider, how trustworthy is the provider, how is their customer support, what is their coverage, how flexible is their API, etc.

We have provided you with five essential factors that you should consider before deciding on your soccer data provider.                        

Five essential Factors of Soccer API 

1. Data quality 

You’re paying for your data, so it might as well be the best quality your money can get you, right? What makes for a high-quality soccer API? 

Correct, quick and complete data are all hallmarks of a high-quality soccer API. 

  Having bad data will affect your credibility and customer trust. Many data providers claim they provide high-quality data, but the reality is often disappointing. So, do investigate carefully before selecting a provider.                 

  Ultimately, it is up to you what high-quality means for yourself. Many soccer API providers allow you to test their API before you decide to make the purchase. 

2. Data coverage

Besides high-quality data, you also want this high-quality data to cover the leagues your customers are interested in. There’s no point in choosing a soccer API that doesn’t have the competitions you want to show your customers. 

Choosing a data provider with extensive coverage means you won’t have to worry in the future when your website or application experiences exponential growth.

3. Live score speeds and match events

A key element of most soccer applications is the ability to show scores in real-time, commonly known as live scores. Besides being accurate and reliable, livescores need to be fast. How fast, you ask? Blazing fast! A 40-second delay is already unacceptable. So, aim for at least 30 seconds. Our tip is to compare livescores from various competitors with each other.

4. API flexibility

A static soccer API means that you, yourself, would have to spend time modifying the responses and codes. However, a flexible API would save you this headache. Flexible APIs make it so that the users can decide exactly what data they want to get. 

More flexible soccer APIs are also easier to implement than static ones.


Customer support is often overlooked, but it is vital for your business to prosper. How much time does it take for the provider to resolve your issues, can you be mostly self-sufficient with their documentation, are you being supported by the providers? These are all things that you need to take into account. 

You don’t want to spend most of your time chasing after terrible customer support because their documentation doesn’t make sense. 

In conclusion

There are many, many soccer APIs out there on the market. Some are free, but others require a paid subscription. Most soccer APIs will offer you a free trialing period or free plan. Make use of this and test their APIs!

You will quickly realize that most free soccer APIs provide terrible data quality, are inaccurate, slow or their customer support is non-existing. 

At the same time, paid high-quality data providers tend to charge ridiculously high fees for their services. The quality is right, but the price sure isn’t. Keep in mind the future and the ROI and you’ll realize that it’s not feasible to go for the expensive data providers.

We don’t want you to upset your customers with faulty data, but we also don’t want you to overcharge yourself. So make sure you choose the right trustworthy data partner, not a mere provider, but a partner.

Find the data partner with fair prices, high-quality data and great customer support. 

We hope you now have a clearer idea of what the things are that you need to focus on to become successful in the sports data business. Fast updates, high-quality and accurate data are essential for a successful business venture. 

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

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