Solar Generator Company BLUETTI Recognized as Design and Engineering Innovator in CES 2023

In a well-deserved nod to outstanding technological engineering and design, the Consumer Technology Association has awarded solar power station brand Bluetti and its AC500 the prestigious CES 2023 Innovation Honoree.

CES 2023 is the most influential tech event in the world. Each year, the event is hosted by the CTA and honors products and brands across 28 consumer categories. This year, more than 2,100 submissions were handed in and carefully reviewed by a panel of industry experts, including media members, engineers, and designers, among others, with an eye on aesthetics, functionality, innovation, design, and engineering.

Solar Generator Company BLUETTI Recognized as Design and Engineering Innovator in CES 2023

Marketing Director James Ray says that they’re thrilled to have won the award, and further mentioned that the recognition will spur the company to produce more innovative products to meet future power demands.

CES 2023 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 5-8.

Bluetti’s Latest AC500 a Testament to Engineering Prowess and Solar Station Efficiency

To gain insight into Bluetti’s recognition one doesn’t have to look very far. The brand’s latest solar generator product, the AC500, has all the features a consumer would need.

The AC500 features an industry-leading 5,000-watt inverter technology that can churn out a maximum of 10,000 watts of power to run even the most demanding appliances and electronics. It has a maximum capacity of up to 18,432Wh for charging all essential daily devices a few times over.

Solar Generator Company BLUETTI Recognized as Design and Engineering Innovator in CES 2023

The AC500 can accept B300S batteries and comes with LFP and BMS technology for a longer lifespan. And if that’s not enough, Bluetti’s powerhouse can be connected to another AC500 in tandem to produce a whopping 36,864Wh capacity and 6,000W/240V of power!

Bluetti’s latest power station is also modular, which means added flexibility and convenience for users. AC500 owners can carry the main unit and bring sufficient batteries along to meet their power demands. It’s worth noting that you can stack the B300S batteries to further create an efficient space depending on your desired setup.

With an AC500 and two B300S, you can basically have most of your creature comforts taken care of without having to rely on the grid. The slew of outlet options includes a 120V TT-30, a 120V L14-30, and a 120V NEMA14-50 for heavy-duty appliances. For electronics and devices, the AC500 has two 100W USB-C ports, four USB-A ports at 18W and 5W, two DC outlets at 12V/30A and 24/10A, and two wireless charging pads at 15W each.

Recharging is just as quick- simply plug the solar station into an AC outlet and through solar, and the AC500 goes from 0 to 100 percent in roughly 2 hours. Using the built-in MPPT solar inverter that can accept up to 3,000 solar input, SOC charging can go from 0 to 80 percent in just 90 minutes.

Buying the AC500 is well worth the investment as it can do many things for homeowners and consumers living the RV lifestyle. The Bluetti power station can act as a 24/7 UPS backup and lower rising electricity costs. More importantly, the solar product offers clean, renewable, and near-infinite energy for consumers who are looking to go off-grid.

Solar Generator Company BLUETTI Recognized as Design and Engineering Innovator in CES 2023


CES 2023 is owned and produced by CTA. The event will be held in Las Vegas starting January 5 through 8. Attendees can get a first-hand look at innovations, advancements, and new technology across various industries, including digital health, mobility, transportation, sustainability, and more.

BLUETTI is a leader in the sustainable and green energy storage industry for more than 10 years. The brand offers multiple eco-friendly energy products and solar panels on its official website,