Spyier Review

Smartphones have brought a new level of convenience and features in everybody’s life. However, at the same time, there are also many perils it has brought along.

Therefore, you often need to monitor someone’s smartphone to know that the people close to you are safe and loyal to you. Monitoring someone’s smartphone can tell you a lot about what they are hiding from you.

Spyier Review

When you search for a phone monitoring solution on the internet, you get a lot of names there. Some apps are good, some are purely a scam and will never work for you.

Spyier is a very popular name that you will find in many top ten lists which are talking about phone monitoring solutions. Every feature of Spyier has been counted the best in its regard and used worldwide.

Therefore, it is important to review if Spyier actually holds true to all the publicity that there is around the app. Hence, I took it upon myself to do careful research about Spyier.

You can read this review to find out how much truth there is to Spyier’s name. You can also learn about all that it can do and how it fares in every aspect that counts.

Spyier at a Glance

Before we dive into Spyier’s depths and all that it can and cannot do, let us first take a look at what Spyier is.


Spyier is a web application for Android and iOS devices that can get you the data of any phone remotely. This means that the target smartphone can be in any corner of the world and you will still be able to view its data through Spyier.

Spyier serves countless users in this regard, with its innovative design and an array of features that provide the data of the other device right to your screen.

Design Architecture of Spyier

Spyier works as a hidden spy app that is designed to be user oriented. Some of its design features include:

No Root or Jailbreak Needed:

You don’t have to root the target device (if it is Android) or jailbreak it (if it is iOS) in order to use Spyier. Since most users are reluctant to root or jailbreak someone’s phone (or even their own), Spyier makes sure that it wouldn’t be a hindrance for you.

Web Dashboard

You won’t need to download any app on your end, be it on your phone or PC. You can use Spyier from its web dashboard which opens in a web browser. This can be any web browser on any device. You won’t even have to install any addon on the browser.

Spyier Review

Convenient Interface

Spyier’s dashboard is designed to be as easy as possible. You won’t need to have any technical knowledge to use it. All the features are present as easily accessible single-click tabs on the dashboard.


Spyier is a 100% secure application and it doesn’t store any of your private data (including the data you monitor) on its private servers. Further, the encryption protocols used by Spyier are flawless and its databases are not even slightly penetrable.

As is quite evident, Spyier has a bug free marvellous architecture without any flaw anywhere. Therefore, it doesn’t lose a single point when it comes to design.

Let us evaluate the other important factors of Spyier:

Spyier’s Stealth Mode

The working of Spyier is simple and transparent. Spyier has designed special solutions that work differently for iOS and Android devices owing to the different working of each platform.

When it comes to monitoring iOS devices, Spyier has created an innovative solution that doesn’t require you to access the target device or install any app on it. With Spyier, you can monitor an iOS phone without touching it even once.

All iPhones and other devices come with an iCloud backup feature. This means that all of the data of iOS devices gets synced to the iCloud server automatically. Spyier uses this backup to extract all the data of the iPhone.


When it comes to monitoring Android devices, the situation is different. The architecture of Android devices makes it mandatory to install a phone monitoring app on the target Android phone itself to monitor it.

Therefore, since Spyier understands that the app installation is a compulsion in the case of Android,  it has designed its Android solution to be 100% hidden.

Spyier app for Android is less than 2 MB in size. This means that it takes just a few seconds to install it. Once you have installed it, the app icon will vanish from the other phone completely. Only you can launch the app later if you want by dialling a secret code.

The app doesn’t consume any battery and it automatically runs 24×7 in the background to keep tracking the Android phone’s data. It doesn’t trigger any notifications at all.

The good part is that after the first time access to the target Android phone, you won’t need to access it ever again. If you ever feel like uninstalling the app, you can do it remotely through the Spyier dashboard from any web browser.


These design features make it impossible to trace Spyier or arouse suspicion in the mind of the other user. You will never get caught if you are using spyier.

Spyier- Getting Started

How easy (or difficult) an app is while using it for the first time counts way much into the user experience. If an app involves a tough process to configure it, that app is often not worth it.

Therefore, let me recount you the steps to configure Spyier and you can then judge how easy or tough it is to use:

Step 1: Register for Spyier and get a subscription plan based on the target device- iOS or Android.


Step 2: Based on the option you chose, Spyier’s setup wizard will guide you through the process:

a.) if the target device is an iPhone (or iPad), you can verify the iCloud credentials of the device and Spyier will do the rest.


b.) if the target device is an Android phone, you can install the Spyier app on it through the link mentioned in the setup wizard. As mentioned before, it takes just a few seconds and it is completely hidden.

Step 3: Spyier will take a few minutes to sync the device’s data. You can then click on ‘Start’ to begin monitoring the device. You will be taken to your dashboard.


As you can see, getting started with Spyier is just a three step process that takes less than five minutes in total. Therefore, Spyier can be counted as perfect when it comes to the first time user experience too.

Spyier Features

Spyier has countless features that make sure that you know about their activity in each and every app. Some of its cool offerings include:

Location Tracker

WIth Spyier, you will know about the live location of the person at all times. You will be aware of their recent locations as well. Further, its Geofencing feature is the next big thing in location tracking.


Social Media Tracker

You can now learn about the private messages of a person on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and every other social media platform. You will even know about the photos and videos that they share there.


Call Logs and Recordings

You can keep a track of all incoming and outgoing calls of the user with Spyier. You also have the option of recording the phone calls of a person to know each and every thing that they talk about.


Application Monitor

You can now know about all the applications that the person has installed on their smartphone. You can know how much time they are spending on each application. You can also block their access to any application you like.



Spyier’s keylogger will record every keystroke that the person makes. This includes their usernames, passwords, browser search history, and whatnots. It is one of the most widely used features of Spyier since you can know all the things that the person has deleted too.


Of course, in the internet age, words aren’t enough to believe an app no matter how popular it is. This is where another good thing about Spyier comes into play. Spyier offers a free web demo of all its features. You can check out each feature in action here.

Spyier’s User Support

A major flaw that is present in most apps is that once you have got the subscription to the app, they just forget you. There is no after-sales support or timely updates with them.

However, Spyier’s is user support is excellent. I myself shot them a query through their contact channel and their response was prompt and helpful.

Further, since Spyier has a monthly subscription model, the updates are frequent and automatic. You won’t have to worry about anything being obsolete. Spyier always stays up to date.

If you ever face any issue, you can contact their customer support at:

[email protected]

Spyier’s Plans and Pricing

Since everything about Spyier that we saw is so far user oriented, the same goes for the pricing plans as well. Spyier has many plans to choose from.

All the plans include all of its features, and you won’t have to pay extra for anything. The plans vary for Android phones and iPhones. You can get a subscription for Spyier for as low as $10 a month. Obviously, this is a negligible amount considering the features that it offers.

Further, there are long term plans too if you do not want the hassle of monthly renewals. I personally prefer long term plans due to the savings they offer.

You might be thinking that a free plan would be better as compared to a subscription one. Well, if you go ahead and try finding a free phone monitoring solution, you will find plenty of results. However, none of those apps actually work.

Since phone monitoring solutions take a lot of effort to develop and even more to keep them running, only solutions that are paid are to be trusted. When it comes to paid apps, most of the phone monitoring solutions charge an enormous monthly fee. In this regard, Spyier is a saviour with its cheap and affordable plans.

Use Cases of Spyier

There are many instances in which one can use Spyier. Let me go through the most common use cases that people are using Spyier for:

Monitoring Your Child’s Phone

With so much cyber crime going on the internet, one often worries about the safety of their own children. In this regard, one can use Spyier for learning if their child is safe and keep monitoring them to ensure they remain safe in the future as well.

Monitoring Your Partner’s Phone

It is a common thing for people in relationships to worry about their spouse cheating on them. Such suspicions can often lead to nightmares and sleepless nights for long. Spyier makes sure that your suspicions are cleared and you know for sure if your partner is faithful.

Monitoring Your Employees

Spyier can also be used by employers to keep an eye on their employees. Many people spend their working hours slacking off or chatting on the internet. If you use Spyier, you can tell for sure which of your employees are worth their salt.

There can be several other uses of Spyier. You can evaluate your own cause and see if Spyier can fit in there to be helpful for you.

The Verdict

When it comes to phone monitoring solutions, Spyier is definitely worth the good word that is on the internet about this app. If you are wondering if it is safe to use, I will give you a heads up to go ahead and start using this app. I have carefully reviewed it and found no flaw in any aspect of Spyier.