Spyzie Review: Is This Top Spy App Worth Buying?

There are many people who want a phone spy app that works. While the reasons for the need of a phone spy app can vary from person to person, the basic need is the same- an app that does the job at hand secretly, while keeping the private data hidden.

Spyzie has turned out to become a major contender in this regard in recent years. As such, a major question arises – Should I trust Spyzie to spy on a cell phone? Is it worth getting a Spyzie subscription?

You will find all the answers you are searching for in this review. It is written after carefully testing Spyzie on each of the aspects that matter. Here it goes:

Spyzie Overview

Before diving into the features and working of Spyzie, let us first understand what it is and what it does.

Spyzie is a phone monitoring solution available for Android phones and iPhones. It is a web application that can monitor any phone or a tablet secretly.

Spyzie Review: Is This Top Spy App Worth Buying?

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Spyzie one of the most popular phone spying solutions on the internet. Its user base is in millions of people spread all over the globe.

How Spyzie’s Secret Phone Spying Works?

Spyzie has created its phone spying solutions uniquely for Android phones and iPhones, suiting the needs of each of these systems.

Spying on an iPhone:

When it comes to spying on an iPhone, there is no need to touch the target phone at all. This is because Spyzie utilizes the iCloud feature that is present in all iPhones inherently.

Due to the iCloud feature, all the data of an iPhone is uploaded to the iCloud server. Spyzie makes use of this data backup to extra all the valuable information that you need.

Therefore, in order to spy on an iPhone using Spyzie, all you will need is the iCloud credentials of the target device.

Spying on an Android Phone:

When it comes to spying on an Android phone, you need to install the phone spying app on the target phone. This holds true for every phone spy app, including Spyzie.

However, even when Spyzie is installed on the target Android device, it remains completely hidden. It accomplishes this by tailoring its Android app in a unique way.

To begin with, the size of the Android app is around 2 MB and it installs within a matter of seconds. Once installed, the app icon vanishes from the app menu of their phone.

The app runs in the background without consuming any battery or triggering any notifications. Additionally, if you ever feel the need to uninstall the app, you can do it remotely from Spyzie’s dashboard.

Therefore, there is no chance that the target user will know you are spying on their phone.

Features of Spyzie

When we are talking about spying on a cell phone, there are a LOT of things that Spyzie can do. Some of these include:

Social Media Monitor:

With social media monitor, you can view the entire online activity of a user on apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more. Each and every sent and received message of the user will be on your screen without them knowing.


The keylogger is a much sought after feature. It shows every single thing that the user types on their phone’s keyboards. This includes messages (including unsent or deleted ones), web searches, usernames, passwords, and more.

Location Tracker:

The location tracker feature shows the live location of the user 24×7. It also shows their recent locations along with the timestamps for every location. Additionally, it comes with the geofencing feature as well.

There are many other features to use when you get a Spyzie account. Spyzie’s demo will give a clearer idea about these features without needing to signup or download any app.

Can We Trust Spyzie?

Going by Spyzie’s design, it turns out to be a completely safe and trustable application for spying a cell phone. Some of the factors that add to the trust value of Spyzie include:

  • Spyzie is a web application. This means that there is no need to install any app on your phone or PC, which eliminates any chances of malware on your system.
  • Spyzie uses the best encryption protocols in the world to protect your private data (including the data you spy on). Even Spyzie’s own team does not have any access to your private data since it is not stored by Spyzie at all.
  • Spyzie does not require rooting or jailbreaking the target phone. Rooting or jailbreaking is a major threat to a phone’s security. Therefore, the no root or jailbreak requirement adds an extra security layer to the process, which other apps miss.
  • Using Spyzie is completely safe because the other person will never find out you are spying on their phone. Spyzie accomplishes this through its stealth design, about which you read above in its working.

The Verdict

Spyzie is undoubtedly the go-to app when it comes to phone spying. If you are looking to keep a tab on someone’s private phone activities without them knowing, Spyzie is definitely the app to choose.

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