Stay Safe and Be Prepared for Hurricanes with Bluetti’s Easy-to-Follow Guide

On August 30, many Floridians were caught unprepared when Hurricane Idalia swept through the state. Submerged cars, blown roofs, and split trees were just some of the severe damages caused by the storm.

In line with disaster preparedness, renewable energy storage brand Bluetti has developed an easy-to-follow guide for maximum safety. Storm supplies and having enough power are paramount to surviving any hurricane that comes your way.

Stay Safe and Be Prepared for Hurricanes with Bluetti’s Easy-to-Follow Guide

Incoming Hurricane? Here’s What You Can Do

Knowledge is power when it comes to disaster preparedness. If possible, stay tuned to weather reports and regional news from trustworthy sources. These include official government or state websites, the National Hurricane Center, and local news. If there’s a hurricane in the vicinity, you should know its movement, potential damage to property, and trajectory.

It’s best to always have an emergency kit on hand. Your emergency kit can consist of first aid provisions, radios, essential documents, batteries, medicine, water, and long-lasting food. In addition, you can slot in a portable power station such as the EB70S, EB55, or EB3A to take care of your essential devices.

As an alternative, you can prepare ahead of time and install a home power reserve. Bluetti’s EP500 and AC300+B300 systems power homes for longer when grid power is unavailable. The EP500 is a mobile backup station with a 2,000W inverter and 5,100Wh LiFePO4 battery. The unit accepts solar charging up to 1,200W.

The AC300+B300, on the other hand, can go from 3,072Wh to a massive 12,288Wh with a 3,000W output. Household appliances, lighting, heating, and other essential items can stay powered on while you hunker down. The unit accepts up to 2,400W solar charging and PV200 folding solar panels for good measure.

Floridians can empower themselves with Bluetti products and prepare for future storms and hurricanes while availing of possible tax credits. Along with necessities such as toilet paper and pet supplies, you can grab a Bluetti AC500 or AC300, or a similar power station that offers more than 3kWh storage and a 30% federal tax credit in the process. The tax-free storm supplies in Florida can be bought from August 26 to September 8. To see what’s available or for further details, visit the official Bluetti website or the IRS website.

Staying Safe as the Hurricane Blows

It’s best to keep a calm mind and stay in the know of the latest developments. Listen to the latest announcements from local news and government channels while staying far away from house openings, like doors and windows.

In the event that the authorities issue an evacuation, it’s best to do it as soon as possible. Bring anything that’s important to you, and don’t forget to pack a Bluetti energy station or two. Weather it out until the hurricane has passed and you’re cleared to go back to your home.

After the Hurricane has Passed

Take care and don’t rush when you’re going back home. Check the road and streets for fallen power lines, debris, and flooded areas. Adhere to the warnings and recommendations broadcasted by your local government.

Once you’re safe back home, don’t turn off media channels and listen to them every now and then. Local news outlets and authorities will still issue important mandates and announcements regarding relief efforts, emergency shelters, and others.

Residents should exercise care and caution all the time. Preparation is key to withstanding a natural disaster and coming through unscathed. You can lower the risk of accidents or injury when you follow these guidelines. Don’t forget to check out available power station solutions on the official Bluetti website.