Streaming Camera VR180 Developed by

The VR180 camera is one of the newer and more advanced streaming cameras out on the market. It is a compact device that can be attached to your phone, tablet, or laptop. The main advantage of the device is its ability to record 360-degree video. However, this device is also equipped with a camera that is capable of capturing high-quality still images. This makes the device an excellent choice for photographers and videographers.

Video Chat with VR180N Increased Emotions and Test Scores

Video chat with VR180N increased emotions and test scores, but it also increased cognitive load and fatigued humans. Stanford researchers warn against video calls because they exhaust the human mind. Instead, they recommend using video conferencing in a specific room. In order to get the most out of your chat experience, use the right settings.

Streaming Camera VR180 Developed by

The main study tested the assumption that negative news videos decrease positive emotions. Five news videos were selected from the website of a Dutch children’s television program called NOS Jeugdjournnal. During the experimental and control conditions, children were asked several questions on the phone.

All conditions elicited some form of emotion. Children in the experimental condition discussed the most important parts of the video, indicating how they felt at that moment. This prompted a coding of potential digital affiliation cues. These included nods, smiles, and head nods.

However, the largest difference in emotions between the two conditions was found in the non-related chat condition. Compared to the related chat, participants reported higher feelings of bonding in the non-related chat.

VR180 – The Ultimate Live Video Stream Experience

If you’re looking for an immersive, high-quality VR180 – Utimate Live Video Stream Experience, check out new VR180 interactive media format. You’ll be able to watch these videos on VR headsets like Google Cardboard, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive, as well as on YouTube itself.

Videos shot in VR180 format will look sharper and more detailed on a VR headset, and it’s easier to create. This format allows creators to shoot content in 3D without the need to stitch or combine multiple clips.

To create a video, you’ll need a camera with a 180-degree field of view. These cameras cost around $250, and they’re similar to point-and-shoot cameras.

With the help of the VR180 Creator, you can turn your VR180 footage into a video you can edit with Adobe Premiere Pro. The VR180 Creator is available in the App Store.

After you’ve recorded your video, you can share it on the web or YouTube, or you can livestream it. In addition, you can add your VR180 metadata to make it easier for other viewers to identify your video.

YI Horizon

The Yi Horizon is a camera that is designed to take 360-degree videos, but there is also a lot of software built into this device. It comes with a touch screen and the ability to livestream, as well as a professional-grade four microphone design.

As you might have guessed, the Horizon has a 2.2 inch touchscreen, which allows you to flip the display around and take a selfie. Also, it has a USB-C port for data transfer. You can livestream your footage on YouTube Live and share your content through Google Photos.

There are a few other features to keep in mind, such as the fact that the device is small and has a battery that lasts for up to two hours. A hefty amount of storage is also included.

Lenovo Mirage

Lenovo has released a new camera called the Mirage. It combines immersive 3D with a 180-degree field of view.

The company claims it will allow you to shoot 4K and stream it in VR. It also works with Google Photos and YouTube Live.

In addition to the Mirage camera, Lenovo has also released a standalone Daydream headset. It uses motion-tracking technology from Google, and it features 4 GB of RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset.

Like most 360-degree cameras, the Mirage can take 180-degree video. However, unlike its competitors, the Mirage will not embed 360-degree videos into a regular video.

The Mirage will cost you less than $300. You can buy it in a WiFi-only version or in a cellular version.


Qoocam is the first 360 and stereo camera ever to be built. It has received a Red Dot award for its design and functionality. With a unique swiveling body, Qoocam can be positioned anywhere.

The compact camera weighs just 180 grams. This makes it light enough to carry in a bag. However, the Qoocam has a unique rubber cover that holds the Micro SD card, which makes it difficult to remove the card.

Fortunately, the Qoocam comes with a velvet bag that can be used to protect the camera. Also included is a user guide and warranty card.

The Qoocam is also equipped with depth mapping technology. This allows it to create a depth map of a scene, which can be used in post-production. It can also live-stream a 360-degree panoramic video with a 3D sense of space.


The VIEWPT VR180 NANO streaming camera is a new device for recording virtual reality footage. Designed for YouTubers, it offers high quality video.

The Nano is a compact device that connects to your smartphone and mounts on a tripod or drone. Featuring dual lenses, it provides a 360 degree perspective. With 4K resolution, the Nano allows for crisp, immersive video.

Whether you are shooting a movie, or live streaming, the NANO has you covered. It can be used as a stand-alone camera, or connected to a PC or Lightning port.

Aside from being small and light, the Nano also supports ultra-high definition 3D. By shooting video in 180-degrees, you can capture more detail, and it will look better on VR headsets.

VR180 app

There’s a new VR180 streaming camera app developed by that offers some interesting features. The app will help you capture and save high-quality VR180 content. It also features a live preview mode, which lets you watch a VR180 video in 360 degrees.

The new app can be used on Android and iOS. You can use the app to set up your VR180 camera, transfer files, save and share clips, and stream a VR180 video on YouTube.

As of today, the VR180 streaming camera app is available on both the App Store and Google Play. The app has an impressive collection of content, including some animated images. Several of the screenshots in the app store tout personal use cases.