SyncMate: All In One Sync Tool For Mac

Backing up data is essential to save important files if the system crashes or a failure occurs. It helps in retrieving files and recovery too. There are several ways to back-up data on your android devices and desktops. For Mac users, there are iTunes that keep the data secured but it does not give in flexibility and most importantly it only syncs data between Apple devices.

So, how does one sync multiple devices to the MacBook?

How does one safely secure the data and back it up in iCloud?

SyncMate is the answer to all your questions. It is one of the most reliable and secured Mac sync software that can allow syncing with numerous devices simultaneously. Along with that it also syncs your online accounts and cloud storage.

There are many more features that SyncMate provides that take backing-up data to another level of convenience. Let’s have a look right away!

About SyncMate

Eltima the name itself is safe and reliable since the past 15 years delivers impeccable software and programming solutions for Microsoft as well as iOS devices for the last 15 years. SyncMate is an addition to the list and is not worth missing.

How does SyncMate work?

SyncMate is solely dedicated to the syncing and back up of the MacBook.You can easily sync Mac with cloud drives Although, it does allow syncing to multiple devices like:

  • iOS devices.
  • Android devices.
  • Windows applications. (Office 365 Business, Outlook, and Home Accounts).
  • Google devices.
  • iCloud devices.
  • Mounted devices.
  • MTP devices.
SyncMate: All In One Sync Tool For Mac

There are two editions to SyncMate that one can choose from:

  1. Free.
  2. Expert.

The free version will be compatible with all the Mac devices. It helps in syncing basic programs like Contacts, Reminders, Calendar, messages, etc.

Whereas, the Expert version is more advanced and comes in with more benefits and features. It helps in advance syncing of Photos, Folder, iTunes, bookmarks, etc. The Expert version starts at $39.95 and is the total value for money.  

What are the syncing options?

The SyncService makes the data transfer between the Mac device and any other device convenient and easy. It helps with syncing the following:

SyncMate: All In One Sync Tool For Mac
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Calendar
  • Calls
  • Messages
  • Folders
  • Reminders
  • iTunes
  • Contacts
  • Safari Bookmarks
  • Backup
SyncMate: All In One Sync Tool For Mac

How to use SyncMate?

There is no advanced procedure to use SyncMate. One can easily access it from AppStore or PlayStore. Once the application is installed with a proper internet connection, the syncing is available and you can choose your desired folder to sync. To be secure and keep track of all data, SyncMate comes with a single-click backup option that instantly helps in backing up files with one tap and keeps all data safe.


SyncMate fits in perfectly for an iOS device and is completely secured. It is the most trustworthy software that provides safe synchronization without any hindrance or breakdown. Its one-tap backup click is the highlight and helps in instant backing up with multiple devices. It is easy to use and reliable and a must-have for all MacBook owners looking for an effective back-up option.

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