Coronavirus has changed our lives in every way. However, now that schools are about to open again, both students and parents are happy about life going back to normal. And school means needing high-speed internet to get done with assignments, homework, quizzes, and so on.

Take Advantage of Spectrum Back to School Deals

Amid all these mandatory school activities, we cannot forget the essential breather they need from studying. For instance, streaming and watching TV. Spectrum is here to your rescue with its must-have deals and promotions for your BTS activities.

What is Spectrum Offering?

Spectrum back to school offers a whopping 400 Mbps with the Internet Ultra plan, TV Essentials streaming, thousands of on-demand titles, tons of cable TV channels, premium channels like Showtime, and so much more!

These limited-time offers on TV and the internet are for the college and dorm residents exclusively. Keeping up with the company’s tradition, there are no contracts or term agreements with any of the BTS plans.

Let’s look at the BTS plans individually.

BTS Internet Only

For as low as $49.99 a month, you get to have over 200 Mbps of internet speed. You can surf, stream, game incessantly. There are no data volume restrictions. For an additional $20 a month, you can upgrade your speeds to 400 Mbps.

With internet accessibility in their dorm room, students can continue learning, research online, work on their assignments, and stay connected with their loved ones.

Ultra Internet and TV Essential (Double Play)

For a price of $54.98 a month, this BTS deal offers 400 Mbps on internet speeds, over 50 TV channels in HD, and Showtime for 12 months. Again, there are no data volume restrictions and you can binge-stream your favorite shows in your leisure time, indulge in unlimited surfing, and so much more.

With the premium channel, Showtime, you can watch quality shows and movies. In this price bracket, this is a decent internet speed and channel lineup to take advantage of.

Internet Ultra and Choice TV (Double Play)

For a monthly price of $64.98, you get to have 400 Mbps internet speed, more than 50 channels, and exciting add-ons. You have the liberty to add 10 channels of your choice to your channel lineup. You get to choose from an ala-carte of premium channels as add-ons.

Showtime is included and other channels include Discovery, BET, Oxygen, and so on. Enjoy watching them all in crisp HD. There are no data caps on your internet.

TV Select and Ultra Internet (Double Play)

This double play offering comes at a monthly price of $79.98. It includes over 125 channels in crisp HD. Some of the popular networks are MTV, ESPN, FOX Sports, the Food Network, and so on. The internet speeds offered are 400 Mbps without any data caps.

The premium channel Showtime is included for a year.

For Those Who Also Need a Voice Solution

Whether you need it for your residence or your dorm room, having a home phone facility is a necessity. If you want to have an affordable voice solution to stay in touch with your loved ones, Spectrum has it covered for you!

Club a voice solution with your HDTV and high-speed internet for as low as $10 a month. Enjoy crystal clear digital voice reception and free nationwide calling to stay in touch with your F&F. this means that you get to have all three essential amenities of TV, phone, and Internet under $100. This amount includes covering installation and miscellaneous fees.

The COVID-19 Pandemic

Charter has been there for its prestigious clientele since the beginning of this crisis. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced students to continue their education from home, Spectrum offered free internet and budget-friendly plans for students to go on with their online classes.

And now again, keeping up with this tradition, the provider is offering pocket-friendly plans for students. They can even share the bills together and enjoy great speeds. For instance, 400 Mbps is great bandwidth and can easily support 8-10 devices.

Moreover, there are no data caps, which means that they are perfect for sharing no matter the internet use of the users. Sharing this internet plan with your roommate or neighbor isn’t a bad idea to reap better savings.

The plans come with 10 email accounts, a free modem, and free anti-virus security suite. Therefore, pooling in for monthly fee means you all will take advantage of these amenities. Moreover, if you don’t have anyone to share your plan with, it’s better to stick to the standard internet plan by Spectrum. It offers 100 Mbps speed and is cheaper than its BTS counterparts. It is perfect for catering to the online needs of a single individual.

More about Spectrum BTS Edition

Being away from home, wouldn’t you love to reminisce about your TV-watching sessions with your family? With the BTS plans, you get to have TV channels as well as fast internet speeds to enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies.

Your weekends are not going to be dull anymore. In addition to the streaming option, you also have tons of quality channels to binge-on. Some instances are Disney, BBC World News, Discovery Channel, CNN, and so on.

Moreover, you get access to the Spectrum TV app and DVR. All BTS plans include thousands of on-demand movies and TV show titles. You can binge on them whenever you want.   

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