Taking advantage of the online education platform during Covid-19

Since late 2019 a deadly virus erupted from the city of Wuhan in China and soon spread to the other pasts of the country like wildfire before engulfing the whole world in its dread. The virus causes a respiratory syndrome, which escalates to severe pneumonia. The fatality of the virus disturbed the globe as a whole, the only viable solution that experts emphasized on was social distancing. Coronavirus is a novel virus, and no prior research is available on its mechanism of attack. Researchers around the globe are working tirelessly to find the antidote or vaccination for this deadly virus, and the World Health Organization expects it to be ready in the mid of next year. Most of the world was forced into the lockdown to prevent its spread. Governments around the planet implemented lockdown shutting down businesses and educational institutes as only viable solutions to contain the spread of the deadly infection. Stock markets around the globe went into meltdown. Oil prices plummeted to the lowest ever recorded by humans, transportation halted, and the health care systems of most of the countries either collapsed or were overwhelmed with the cases. All this is leading to a global catastrophe in which every walk of life is struggling.

One of the most impacted is the educational systems around the globe. Traditional classes terminated, and all the educational hubs were shutdown from schools to colleges to universities to save the young people from the deadly virus. However, this led to another problem of completing the educational cycle for the year 2019-20. Most of the universities are trying to conduct online classes. Still, they lack proper infrastructure for successful commencement of classes; staff does not have adequate training for the utilization of social media platforms, and content is not designed in a manner that can be conveyed via video lectures. This is impacting the learning graph of the students severely. Many students are concerned about when the universities will open, but it seems in the distance.

Taking advantage of the online education platform during Covid-19

In this calamitic situation, one possible solution that seems most promising is the use of online educational resources to complement the students.  Online educational platforms emerged in the 2000s, gaining immense popularity in the 2010s. This pandemic situation has opened the floodgates of possibilities for online education. Universities are now making collaborative efforts to create platforms that can accommodate students that are unable to attend classes physically. This approach will surely help in eliminating the borders on the educational front.

Fortunately, we are living in the era of highspeed internet connectivity and can utilize our time productively rather than sitting home and wasting it on Netflix. If you are near the end of your degree program, it is high time to learn a skill that is requisite and respected in your respective discipline; for that purpose, you can take an online course to become adept in this free time. Similarly, if you are an aspiring researcher and working on your dissertation or thesis, this is the best time to start writing your essay and give your future-self necessary space that you will need. In case you are stuck, there are excellent dissertation proposal writing services that can help you along the way. Rather than waste your time on TV, make it productive for the coming good days by utilizing your gadgets for your educational benefits. Some top of the line services that can help you in learning in this pandemic phase is discussed below.


Udemy is a very effective online platform. It provides various engineering, arts, and medicals courses from different experts. Udemy is a paid website and offers multiple paid courses of international reputation


MIT provides a wide range of courses in every kind of field. It provides educational resources in every domain for teachers, students, and others. MIT consists of the world’s best brains and inventors. MIT has made all of its course content available for free on its OpenCourseWare website. If you ever wanted to learn a course from MIT, now you can do it from the comfort of your couch. You will be able to learn from the best brains in the discipline. There is no better usage of your time than learning an MIT course.

Future Learn

It is the UK’s digital-based learning system. Future Learn provides quality MOOCs with several international partnerships. These MOOCs are of brilliant quality and can aid in learning advanced skills in this severe crisis.

Z Library

This library provides aid to the student to access the books that aren’t easy to buy by providing their pdf versions online. It contains a large number of books and gives them to students for free. Z library helps students to access books that are otherwise too expensive. So it is an excellent time to pace up on your pending reads. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides an open online course. Khan Academy started as a YouTube channel that posted videos describing complex school level concepts in a fun and convenient way. The channel has since then evolved into a complete online educational resource with wide-ranging courses from necessary to advanced level. You may like to indulge in Kahn Academy’s online teaching if you are a parent and worried about your child’s learning lapse due to school closure.


Coursera is a fantastic platform for online learning providing services since 2012. MOOC’s with the international reputation are on offer. One of the most beneficial features of Coursera is that it offers financial aid to the learners who can not afford to pay the course fee as Coursera is a paid platform. However, many basic courses are available for free. It is the best time to earn a certification of international reputation, whether you are a professional or a student. These certifications are help full in career advancement and will be helpful even if you want to switch careers.

These are some of the best online resources available online to take advantage of during this pandemic lockdown. Spend your time learning something new, as it is never too late to learn.

“Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it thinks that makes what we read ours.” ― John Locke