In modern life, knowledge of foreign languages ​​allows a person to be more successful. It also breaks down borders and makes the world more broad, interesting, and full of possibilities for work and study. Of course, you don’t have to be a polyglot to be successful, but knowing several foreign languages will open up a wide range of opportunities for you.

Technology Tools for Language Learning Students

Today, students can use numerous tech solutions to help them in their studies, and language learning is no different. Here is an overview of some technology tools that can make your language learning a piece of cake!

Modern Language Learning Methods

Technology Tools for Language Learning Students

Knowledge of a foreign language increases the chances of getting a high-paying job. If you know another language, you will also have the opportunity to study or work abroad. Learning languages can be fun, too, since today there are thousands of courses and language schools for learning foreign languages. At the same time, many people try to improve their knowledge and learn the language on their own with the help of:

  • Online tutors;
  • educational websites;
  • interactive courses;
  • movies or TV series  with subtitles;
  • audio aids like podcasts and audiobooks.

All these solutions are great, and you should choose ones that sound the best to you. Every student is different, and the main way to make language learning not feel like a chore is finding ways to make it fun and exciting.

Sometimes students discover that for certain purposes apps and tools prove insufficient – for example, if they need professionally-looking flawless translations for travel. In this case, using the best Arabic translator or another language provider is a better route.

Since modern youth are so dependent on technology in their everyday life and feel comfortable using it for any occasion, implementing tech solutions in education is a natural way to upgrade traditional learning. We offer top technologies that will help you learn a foreign language quickly and efficiently.

Technologies to The Rescue!

Your independent language learning can be enhanced by using various online platforms and tools, for instance:

1.   LinguaLeo

The platform popular today is LinguaLeo, since it uses gamification. Its users can learn the language whichever way they like – by reading texts or listening to audiobooks, or watching video clips. This platform offers tons of different solutions that can offer personalized learning with fun gaming elements to students of every age. It is especially great for those who struggle to stay interested and motivated to learn.

2.   VoiceTube

VoiceTube is a tool that allows you to listen and learn the language with help of a video. The app contains over 15,000 videos, including TED talks, TED-ED, CNN news, and more. Here you can compose and save notes with new words, listen and record how sentences are pronounced. Users can also use keywords to search for learning materials. Some videos also have tasks, but they only work in Chrome.

3.   Breakout Rooms (Zoom)

Let’s not forget that practice is practically the only chance to get good at foreign language communication. This is why learning in a group is always more effective than learning individually. If this idea sounds good, then Breakout rooms will be a real lifesaver for you.

4.   Miro

Miro app is a virtual board for online learning. Such apps are great for intensive language studying as well as teamwork. What can be done on such a board? Here one can:

  • Brainstorm;
  • work in groups or pairs;
  • write;
  • arrange pictures, sentences, paragraphs of text, etc.;
  • practice dictation.

5.   Skype

To achieve the desired level of language proficiency, independent study may not be enough. Various options allow you to practice with a teacher without attending expensive courses and having a desire for somebody to write my research paper for me. For example, Skype classes are always a solid option.

6.   Preply

With Preply, you can easily find a tutor by setting the necessary characteristics and searching for a perfect match. Preply has a wide base of local tutors and native speakers living in the US, UK, and Australia.

Language Learning Made Easy

Technology Tools for Language Learning Students

There is no arguing that modern solutions enhance the learning process, make it easier, more exciting, fun, and fulfilling. By applying this new technology-fueled approach to learning, one can get become a language expert in no time, and have fun while doing it. Try a few solutions that we offered, or do your own research and pick out some tools and learning methods that speak to you personally, and watch your learning routing transform!

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

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