Reasons Why your Washing Machine Loses Water


The washing machine, like the rest of the electrical appliances in your home, needs maintenance and sometimes breakdowns arise, such as your washing machine leaking water. Once the washing machine is started, you suddenly realize that you are losing water and you think: Help! It cannot be, at the most inappropriate moment those unforeseen events arise.

Reasons Why your Washing Machine Loses Water

Currently the domestic task of washing is more bearable and the process is simple. We must take into account some considerations to avoid failures in the operation of this appliance and know how to put the washing machine correctly.

Water leaks are a very common problem in this type of appliance, we will try to remedy it as much as possible. The causes that cause water leaks in your washing machine, at first, they do not seem very difficult to solve. In case of doubt, read the operating instructions of your washing machine and if not, consult the technical washing machine repair services provider if necessary, or call a brand maintenance technician for your appliance.

5 Reasons why your Washing Machine Loses Water:

1. Proper Amount of Detergent

Your washing machine loses water Do not overuse the amount of detergent that you are going to add in the compartment designed for that product. Perhaps you are one of those people who introduces the detergent into the drum of the washing machine, in both cases a little care, not by adding a lot of detergent the clothes will be cleaner.

Too much detergent creates too much suds in the wash cycle and the washing machine is unable to absorb that much suds. This fact, gives rise to the appearance of failures, such as the loss of water, in principle filtering under the washing machine. Experts recommend not overdoing the amount of detergent. The appropriate dose does not exceed half the scoop. It is your turn to assess the degree of dirtiness of your clothes, sometimes it will not be necessary or to reach this recommended dose.

2. Overload of Clothes in your Washing Machine

If you are one of those who think that filling the drum of your machine to the top saves on the number of washes, you are wrong, in the long run it can have very negative consequences; not only that the garments have not been washed well and it is necessary to repeat the washing process, but also that they originate from water leaks.

The washing capacity depends both on the number of kilos that your washing machine can wash, and on the type of clothes, cotton garments are not the same as delicate garments, silk or wool or synthetic fibers for example. In short, for each type of fabric, the load capacity is different. If your laundry is made of cotton clothes, when you put the clothes in the washing machine, leave a space at the top of the drum.

If you take into account these recommendations, in addition to achieving optimal washing and spinning, you are helping your washing machine to perform its functions without major surprises and extending the useful life of this appliance.

 3. Excessive Dirt on the Drum Door Rubber

When you see that the rubber begins to cover a layer of mold and dirt, do not hesitate to carry out a thorough cleaning to prevent the door rubber from not closing hermetically and causing water leaks.

4. Water Inlet Hose

The inlet hose is an essential part to expel water from the washing machine. It may happen that this hose is clogged or damaged. With the use of the washing machine and poor maintenance of the appliance, failures of this type can arise. The first thing, keep calm, it has an easy solution, you just have to remove the remains of dirt and lime that have become embedded. Another problem that can happen to you is that the drain hose is not properly secured and therefore you can also have water leaks.

5. Drain Filter Area

Check that the drain filter is not clean, proceed to remove all possible traces of dirt. The process is simple: you only need a bowl with water and an appropriate brush for those cases, it will be easy for you to leave the filter as new. Then place it in the same position that you found it.

Causes of Water Leaking in the Washing Machine

Some of the causes for failure of the washing machine may come from improper use by the user. It is in your power to ensure the correct use of your appliance and avoid a breakdown by following a few simple tips.

Excess detergent: Exceeding the amount of detergent can cause problems as the washing machine is not capable of absorbing excess suds. By not being able to absorb it, it will cause a water leak to the outside. It is recommended not to use more than half a ladle of detergent, a measure usually provided by the suppliers of these products.

Overloading of clothes: If the washing machine is washing a quantity of clothes greater than the drum can handle, the water can begin to be expelled to the outside because it cannot function properly. It must also be taken into account that for each type of clothing and fabric, the washing machine can support one load or another. In any case, it is important that the clothes are not too tight and the drum can move smoothly, not only to avoid a leak, but also so that the washing machine cleans the dirt correctly.

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