With time, the children have become more accustomed to portable devices such as mobile phones. However, with innovation comes greater risk. They are under immense scrutiny regarding cyber-bullying and hackers.

Teensafe Review

The parents do not look into their children’s matters regarding their cell phone usage as they are themselves attached to their devices. However, it seems like their problems are on the verge of getting eliminated thanks to the Teensafe app. This app has completely changed the landscape of children’s security regarding mobile usage. 

Teensafe Review: The Best App to Keep Children Safe

Part 1: Introduction to Teensafe

The TeenSafe app offers parental monitoring chances on a subscription basis. It is a standard process to collect, monitor, and evaluate information to track something or someone until it finds its objectives.

It focuses on stepping stones like what, where something is released, and who is part of the procedure. Supervision or monitoring is taken care of after the user enables the program on the target device. 

Part 2: How to Setup Teensafe on Android

The whole process of adding Teensafe on your child’s phone to track their Android phone activities is simple. You just need access to the phone for a few minutes, and then you will never need to physically hold the device ever again.

The whole process of setting the app on an Android device is discussed below:

 Step 1: Register and Login

Initially, the user must go to the app and have a complete understanding of the requirements that the app demands from them. The user must fulfill those details on the app to get himself registered. Then login to the app to access the features. 

Teensafe Review: The Best App to Keep Children Safe

Step 2: Installing the App

The next step is adding the app to your child’s Android phone. Pick up the device, and install Teensafe on it. In some cases, you must have to change the Android phone settings to install the application. You can do that by turning off the “Harmful App Detection” option.  After installing the app, move to the next step.

Step 3: Completion

Head to the Control Panel of Teensafe and enter your login credential. It will lead you to the Dashboard of operations where you will access every feature of the app. Click on any of them to start monitoring.

Teensafe Review: The Best App to Keep Children Safe

Part 3: How to Setup Teensafe on iOS/iPhone

Both Android and iOS platforms are supported by this app to ensure utter security to the users. However, there are some differences between the configuration steps of both the procedures.

 The iOS setup is discussed below:

Step 1: Account Creation

You must buy the app from Teensafe’s official site. After purchasing it, create a Teensafe account. For registration, you must have to fulfill all the concrete details for further procedures.

Step 2: Login Details of Apple and iCloud

Initially, you must have a complete understanding of the Apple iCloud ID and password. If you are unable to insert the correct details, you will not proceed any further.

To enable Teensafe on your child’s phone, access their iCloud account. The process will allow you to have all details surrounding the child’s credentials. 

Teensafe Review: The Best App to Keep Children Safe

Step 3: Start Monitoring        

After logging in from iCloud, head to the Control Panel of Teensafe, and you will see all the app features. From there, you can start monitoring your child’s phone.

Teensafe Review: The Best App to Keep Children Safe

Part 4: Features of Teensafe regarding Child Security

The remarkable features of Teensafe make it one of the better security apps today. Regardless of the platform, this app possesses great features that ensure complete security for the parents regarding children.

  •  Call Tracker

You can easily organize the call records, based on the duration, frequency of calls, etc. Even a full look at the logs will indicate an imminent danger to your child that you need to overcome.

Teensafe Review: The Best App to Keep Children Safe
  • SMS Monitoring

If you use TeenSafe, you won’t be caught going through the texts of your child. The reason is that TeenSafe allows its users to access the private conversations of the target device. The whole process is fast and efficient.

Teensafe Review: The Best App to Keep Children Safe
  •  Location Tracking

Parents use TeenSafe to monitor their children’s daily activities. They no longer need to call their child regularly to ask where they are as the app is there to answer the burning question. The location tracker will showcase the real-time location of your child.

All the process is done under complete anonymity so that your child won’t feel their privacy is being violated. The function offers additional benefits from a parent-child perspective.

Teensafe Review: The Best App to Keep Children Safe
  • Website History 

Once you have set up TeenSafe, you can access a person’s browser history no matter what the time is. With a little effort, you can know everything your kid is doing online. Once you have a TeenSafe account, you can visualize the website history right away, from the app’s dashboard.

Teensafe Review: The Best App to Keep Children Safe
  • Social Media Monitoring

Children of today’s day and age are obsessed with social media. There are so many apps that it is virtually impossible for you as a parent to keep track of the chatting history successfully. It is why Teensafe is a viable option that offers to keep track of social media activities at all times.

The app can keep tabs on all the activities occurring on Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, and Snapchat. Teensafe will offer you to view the messages and the contact details of the person texting your child.

Part 5: Characteristics of Teensafe

Teensafe possesses excellent characteristics, making it unique from the rest of the protection apps and intrigues the parents to use it to track their children. Here are some of the elements of the app that make it professional and a must-buy.

  • No Jailbreak or Root Needed

Some parental control apps rarely function well when the target device isn’t jailbroken or rooted. It is not the case with Teensafe. The app assures the tracking of multiple social media fronts such as Instagram and Twitter without asking the user to alter the target device’s basic settings.

  •  Private and Ensures Anonymity

The stealth mode of Teensafe doesn’t allow the owner of the target phone(your child) that you are tracking their cell phone activities. It is how Teensafe ensures your anonymity. Furthermore, the app is 100% secure and keeps your data, such as username, password, and payment details, highly encrypted.

  • Easy to install

Regardless of the platform(iOS or Android), the Teensafe app is straightforward to install. According to the users, it takes approximately 5 minutes for the app to install. 

Usually, many users move away from the apps if the installation procedure is time-consuming. However, they don’t need to worry about the hassle of lengthy installation with Teensafe.


TeenSafe is a complete package and is contrasting with the different monitoring tools. It is a high-quality app that perfectly fits any parental demands and necessities. It is recommended to make parents optimistic about their children’s future and external activities.

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