The 10 Best Online Gifts for College Students


If you are a student, you will be happy with any gift you get from your friends, colleagues, or parents. However, it is always good to find some exclusive and beneficial presents related to your interests. For instance, you can pay to write paper and make your friend rejoice with the highest grade he/she gets. You can also adjust to your besties’ preferences and pick the greatest gift they can ever expect. Our professional team has constructed the list of the most dazzling and peerless gifts you can present to college students.

The 10 Best Online Gifts for College Students

Steam Gift Card

Saw your friend playing games on the Steam platform? Presenting a Steam Gift Card will make your partner in crime blissfully happy. These cards serve as gift certificates, which can be redeemed on the platform for the purchase of different games, software, and other goods that can be bought on Steam. There are a variety of cards available to buy, so you can choose the most appropriate one.


Needless to say that each and every student is a music enthusiast. You listen to music everywhere – while waiting for the bus, doing sports, or completing a home assignment. Even though a subscription for students doesn’t cost lots of money, graduates will be pleased to get a Spotify gift card. Redeeming the card, your friend will have a Premium account, which gives plenty of opportunities. For example, with an advanced account, your friend will be able to listen to any music anywhere. Besides, an offline mode will be the real thing for music lovers. After all, why not employ this fantastic music service?

Educational Courses

Depending on a student’s interests, the prices of different courses may vary. However, it would be a great gift, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Receiving a certificate of completion, your friend will have an additional point in his/her resume, which will give a lot of credit and increase the chances of getting a job offer. Look for such web resources as Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare to acknowledge the most informative and suitable programs.

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Cards are a great choice when you don’t know what to buy to meet college students’ needs. Amazon Gift Cards and Vouchers can be purchased via PayPal, and may well be delivered directly to your friend’s dorm or home. With these tokens, you can buy millions of items sold on Amazon. Simply put, choose the amount of the voucher and present it to your friend. College students know what they need the most.

Starbucks Gift Card

Plenty of students are freelancers these days. They work everywhere – in college, at home, outside. M many of them don’t need pricey gifts. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to present anything to them. Instead of ruminating over crazy ideas about what to buy, think of something practical and meaningful. Starbucks vouchers are a fantastic solution. Costing almost nothing, you will give your friend a free entrance to this coffee space. Delicious coffee is always in need. And with Starbucks gift cards, you can ensure your friend can enjoy it frequently.

Uber Gift Card

Remember how long it takes to get to your college faculty? Of course, it is very convenient to use the subway as a means of transportation. But what if you study long hours in a library and the subway doesn’t work, or there is an emergency, and you have to get to the dorm swiftly? Uber Gift Cards can help you with that.

Besides that, you certainly had experienced situations when you had to deal with assignments or to cram for exams and, consequently, didn’t have time even to cook something simple. Without nutrition, you are sure to have ineffective learning. Uber Gift Cards also apply to Uber Eats orders. Enjoy food from hundreds of restaurants any time you’re hungry.

Netflix Gift Card

It goes without saying that every college student likes watching Netflix in free time. The Netflix Platform has been serving as one of the best services that offer video streaming for years. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and think of something unique as a gift. Just present a Netflix Gift Card and make your friend look full of the joys of spring.

Dropbox/Google Drive subscription

College students tend to store their data on Dropbox or Google Drive. By paying $10 monthly, you ensure your friend will have enough space to store crucial data. It is a beautiful gift for those who tend to work on the Internet.

Atlas Coffee Club

Academic life is tiresome and hectic. You have to bury yourself in your books to get a clear picture of the subject. Not to mention your quality and quantity of sleep. Caffeine is the thing that boosts your productivity. If you are picky toward coffee you drink, it will be a pain in the arse to choose a good one. With Atlas Coffee Club, college students can forget about this problem. Using this service and its subscription, you will get excellent coffee tailored to your preferences monthly.

House Plant Box

Living in the dorm may be gloomy. Jazz up the atmosphere with top-notch plants you will get using this gift card. Coupled with different fertilizers, planters, and display stands, you are sure to have a beautiful room that will make you feel just like in the botanical garden.

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