The 5 questions you need to ask yourself before buying a tech Christmas gift and choosing the right item: mobile phone, tablet or pc

Christmas is just around the corner and you may well be thinking about what gifts to choose for friends and family. Since technology is a huge part of our everyday lives, you may be considering giving the gift of tech to those you care about most. But it’s important to consider several factors before selecting the right item and we’ve put together a list of 5 questions to ask yourself, to help you out. If you want to beat the high-street shopping madness during the festive season you can save time and also save money when you shop online and use these BravoVoucher coupons for your Christmas gifts.

1. What features do they need?

The first thing to consider when buying tech gifts for loved ones is what they are looking for in a device. It may be that they need specific features for work or study or, alternatively they might want something just for entertainment. This will have a considerable impact on which gift is right for them so make sure you think about it carefully.

2. Does it adapt to their lifestyle?

Think about the lifestyle of the person in question and this will help you to determine whether a particular device is an ideal choice. For someone always on the move, it’s usually better to go for a tablet rather than a pc or you could consider a laptop that is designed for those who are often on the go, with lightweight, easily portable devices.

3. What about maintenance?

Depending on the device you choose, there may well be extra costs in maintaining it that your loved one will have to incur. If you are considering a mobile phone there may be monthly fees to use it and if you are considering a laptop or pc, there may be essential extras like anti-virus or other software that will need to be purchased. Consider whether the person you are buying for is able to afford these or whether you are willing to pay when you purchase the device.

4. Is it compatible?

Compatibility is also a top priority when it comes to selecting technology gifts this Christmas. For example with a smartphone, you need to think about whether this person will be able to use the carrier of their choice and other technicalities. With tablets, laptops and PCs it’s also worth considering whether the device you have in mind is compatible with your loved one’s other devices. Since most of us own more than one device, compatibility is key so make sure you pay attention to the devices they already have.

5. Will they love it?

Although the most common devices are tablets, smartphones, and laptops, there are so many other types of products that you can consider if you want to surprise someone special. For example, you can help them with productivity and fitness goals by getting them a new smartwatch or you could give them the gift of entertainment with one of the many games consoles available. If you want to spend less you can also think about accessories and gadgets that they will love, such as a new pair of headphones or wireless earphones.

There is definitely a lot of choice when it comes to gifting tech and with new devices being released all the time it’s not always easy to keep up. If you want to find out more about a specific product or about what’s trending in the world of technology, you can find information and advice as well as reviews and recommendation by consulting the huge selection of buyer’s guides at

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