The 9 Best Renewable Energy Gadgets


In this day and age, we are always reliant on various energy sources to power devices and bring flexibility and convenience to our lives. However, it’s better if we can do this in a sustainable way that doesn’t put pressure on energy sources unnecessarily. There are numerous benefits in using renewable energy as a way of improving the world, while on an individual level they can also provide greater convenience. As we work towards finding more sustainable solutions, consumers have the ability to choose from a range of products that demonstrate just how useful renewable energy can be. 

The 9 Best Renewable Energy Gadgets

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Notos Solar Charger

This is a small and portable power bank that can be easily attached to windows so it can receive direct sunlight. It is a useful power source for emergencies, and it can also be charged via USB from a computer or power outlet. The battery has a capacity of 2200mAh with 5V1A output and input, making it possible to charge the average smartphone to two thirds of its power storage. 

LogiTech Solar Keyboard

This Wireless Solar Keyboard is sleek and comes with solar panels. This is a wireless keyboard that comes with solar panels and the ability to charge from both natural and artificial light sources. It works with both Apple and Windows devices and can hold its charge for up to three months. There is an app that allows you to monitor battery levels and usage. It has a powerful 2.4GHz wireless receiver that ensures there are no delays or interference, and the USB receiver has a long-range signal. 

WakaWaka Power+

The WakaWaka Power+ is a solar powered charger and flashlight with a 3,000mAh battery that can be charged to full capacity in 12 hours of direct sunlight, or three hours from a standard power outlet. The Power+ can charge a smartphone in around two hours and it can do this 1.5 times. The flashlight provides more than 150 hours of light and it has multiple energy efficient settings that provide light in a range of 5 to 70 lumens. 

Rock Out 2 Solar Speaker

This is an excellent portable speaker that has a solar panel and a practical weather and scratch resistant exterior. The 800mAh battery can play music for 10 hours from full capacity, and it takes around eight hours to charge in direct sunlight, or two hours from a power outlet. It can connect to various devices through Bluetooth connectivity, or with a 3.5mm audio jack. It is easy to take with you anywhere and it provides music for a relatively long time. 

Lattis Ellipse Bike Lock

The Ellipse from is a smart bike lock that is secure and solar powered. It appears to be a regular U-lock but instead of a key, users can lock and unlock using a smartphone app, or sensors on the lock. It has the technology to warn bike owners when it registers suspicious behaviour, and it even alerts authorities when it thinks there has been a crash. Only one hour of direct sunlight will charge the battery for a week, and when the battery is fully charged it will last for a month.  

Creative Edge Solar-5 

This is a portable solar panel and charger that is shock, dust and water resistant, and an excellent source of power while travelling or for emergencies. It has an incredible 5,000mAh battery with indicator lights to show the charge status. It has two USB ports, with 1A and 2A outputs, which means you can charge devices with different requirements, and two can be charged simultaneously. It also has an emergency flashlight, making it the perfect gadget for outdoor adventures or a weekend away. 

Solar Mosquito Repellent Light

For those of us that are plagued by mosquitoes in the summer months, a useful portable light can be a great way of keeping them at bay. This mosquito repellent light from Amazon is solar powered and emits sonic waves that deter mosquitoes within a range of 4.5 metres. It provides a warm glow and has no harmful effect for humans. It is easy to travel with and is weather resistant. 

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station

This is a heavy duty, portable power station with a 150Wh battery that can either be charged by its solar panel, by plugging into a power outlet, or from a 12V car battery. It takes from 26-52 hours to charge with the Nomad 13 solar panel, 6 hours from a power outlet and 8 hours from a 12V car battery. It has an LCD battery display, two USB ports, and a socket for an AC inverter. The battery offers roughly 50 hours of 12V light or 15 smartphone recharges. It is a very useful item for camping trips, and it is easy to carry with a popup handle. 

Birksun Boost Solar Backpack

A handy way of carrying a laptop or other everyday items, this backpack from Birksun has a waterproof monocrystalline solar panel and USB port for charging devices on the go. The company claims that it only takes three minutes of exposure to the sun to charge a smartphone for 1 percent. The battery takes around two hours to charge by daylight and it can also be charged by mains electricity. The bag is neat and utilitarian with a padded solar panel embedded in the back, a 15-inch laptop sleeve and a neoprene organiser sleeve. 

Renewable energy is beginning to take hold on the world, and it will eventually revolutionise the way energy is manufactured. Until this happens, consumers are able to purchase products that utilise renewable power, so we can become more familiar with these technologies. When we are able to completely convert to renewable energy, then we will be closer to having a cleaner and greener world environment. 

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