The Advantages of Enterprise App Development

Development of corporate mobile applications for effective management of communications between employees, tracking progress and automating accounting in an organization.

How is the corporate mobile application beneficial for the company?

A structured workflow and well-organized internal processes can improve team efficiency. Research shows that deploying corporate mobile apps increases employee productivity by 40%.

The relationship between productivity and enterprise applications is easy to explain: for example, if you connect all employees to a corporate messenger, then instead of calling, faxing, or running between floors looking for each other, they can simply enter the person’s name in the application and write to him. This will save everyone time and hassle, and the company will cut down on telephone costs. To improve the efficiency of your business, contact the enterprise web development company Fireart Studio.

Many companies around the world are already using this life hack. According to Fliplet, 66% of organizations will increase their investment in enterprise mobile app development over the next three years. Enterprise mobility market revenue is expected to reach $ 430 billion by the end of 2021.

The Advantages of Enterprise App Development

Types of enterprise mobile applications

As a rule, there are three types of corporate applications, depending on the category of users:

Applications for employees. Employees use these solutions internally to communicate with each other, keep up with updates, or set tasks for colleagues.

Department apps help specific teams: marketing, design, or customer service. These solutions can be both internal and external. For example, apps help support staff communicate with company customers and monitor feedback.

Company-wide apps operate like a private social network. They unite all employees of the company, and can work as a data and document repository. In addition, the application may have different access levels, depending on the position.

Examples of corporate mobile applications

Enterprise applications can be very different in functionality. For example, messenger, task tracker and online payment service. Let’s take a closer look at 4 popular solutions:


The guys at Slack believe that messages are more productive than emails. Therefore, they created a corporate messaging platform, where they communicate in PM, create closed groups and public channels for communication. In addition, you can make audio and video calls in the application. Such a tool simplifies interaction within the team and increases the speed of work.


Jira is a project management application. It allows users to create tasks or bugs, assign them to a responsible department, and track progress.


Salesforce is a service-as-a-software (SaaS) solution that connects a company with its customers. The app provides all departments with sales and traffic source information. So the marketing team, sales team and support team can get a portrait of each client.


Stripe is an online payment service. It provides APIs that can be integrated into the interface of a web application or mobile solution to receive and send transfers.

3 advantages of enterprise applications

Here are 3 ways enterprise mobile apps can make your business life easier:

Accelerate the dissemination of information. Enterprise mobility solutions not only facilitate communication between team members, but also help keep important files and documents in one place. Plus, to share the news with all employees, you just need to send a message to the general chat and everyone will be notified.

Optimize your workflow. Imagine you have a design assignment. Instead of emailing the idea for a picture and waiting for a response, you can simply create an issue in your issue tracker app. When everything is ready, the status will update and you will receive a notification. No more lost emails, missed calls or long technical assignments.

Increase the flexibility of the company. Enterprise mobility solutions simplify team management and speed up task completion. Such solutions, for example, will help the Agile method – a flexible and transparent approach to planning and working on projects. It is based on communication and joint team efforts. Websites with parallax are also an effective way to promote your business.


If you are a business owner, a corporate mobile app will bring many benefits to your company: increase team productivity, reduce operating costs, and streamline workflow.

When developing, you can face 4 challenges: how to protect your data, who will manage the application and release updates, and how to set up API integration. At Fireart, we help you solve the main problems in mobile app development.

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