The Best 3 Tools To Fix iPhone Randomly Starting Issue

Experiencing the frustration of your iPhone randomly restarting can interrupt your daily activities and affect your productivity. 

Understanding why your iPhone keeps restarting is the first step toward finding a solution. Various factors, including software glitches, incompatible apps, or hardware issues, can contribute to this problem. 

The Best 3 Tools To Fix iPhone Randomly Starting Issue

In this article, we will talk about the potential causes of iPhone restarting and how to fix it using three of the best tools available.

Why Does My iPhone Keeps Restarting

Dealing with the perplexing issue of why my iPhone keeps restarting, where the device enters a never-ending cycle of restarts without successfully entering the system, can be incredibly frustrating.

This commonly encountered problem is marked by the iPhone consistently displaying the Apple logo during the booting process, only to loop back into the same cycle and restart again.

Here are a few reasons that could cause your iPhone’s frequent restarts.

1. Update Interrupted

If you recently upgraded your iOS and started having problems with your iPhone restarting, it may have been caused by an interrupted update. You are more likely to encounter a reboot cycle in this situation following an iOS update. The halted update has numerous potential causes, ranging from a downed network connection to a battery drain.

2. Hardware Issue

Your iPhone has to have at least four to six GB of free space to update to iOS 16 or downgrade to iOS 15/14. Even though the operating system only needs two to three GB of space, the extra space is necessary for the phone to function effectively.

3. Inadequate Storage

If your iPhone keeps restarting, it may not have enough storage. Older iPhone models are more likely to experience storage issues. However, the more recent models are not excluded because storage depends on how much space you use, regardless of the model.

4. Malware

You could download malware from the App Store even though Apple has a tight filter to stop hazardous programs. Additionally, using free public WiFi exposes you to the risk of viruses. You may thus be experiencing iPhone restarting troubles due to malware infiltrating your device.

5. Steps to Jailbreak Your iPhone

If you jailbreak your iPhone, you risk corrupted files or apps interfering with your iOS. It can result in an iPhone restart cycle.

6. Battery Issues

A degraded or faulty battery can cause the iPhone to restart unexpectedly. As the battery ages, it may be unable to hold a charge or provide a consistent power supply. This can lead to sudden shutdowns and subsequent restarts. Replacing the battery with a new one can often resolve this issue.

7. Charging Port Problems

Issues with the charging port can also result in frequent iPhone restarts. A damaged or malfunctioning charging port can disrupt the charging process and cause instability in the device. This can lead to intermittent restarts as the device attempts to correct the power connection. Repairing or replacing the charging port can help address this problem.

Best 3 Tools To Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting Problem

If you are experiencing the iPhone restarting problem, there are a few tools that you can use to fix it. Some of the best tools available include:

AnyFix – iOS System Recovery

AnyFix – iOS System Recovery is a proficient tool that can fix more than 130 problems with your iPhone and more than 200 problems with iTunes.

So it’s an easy way to fix the problem where your iPhone keeps restarting. AnyFix gives you three fix modes to keep your iPhone from breaking down. This gives you the best chance of getting your system back up and running. Now, put AnyFix on your computer and try to fix the problem that your iPhone keeps restarting right away.

Step 1: Put AnyFix on your computer and use a USB connection to connect your iPhone to your computer. Start AnyFix and click on System Repair.

Step 2: Choose 50+ iPhone Problems and click on Start Now.

Step 3: You can now choose a fixed mode based on what’s wrong with your iPhone and try them one by one. For example, if we choose Standard Repair, your info won’t be lost.

Step 4: AnyFix will begin to add or download software. It takes a little while, so please just keep patient.

Step 5: Click the “Fix Now” button after you’ve downloaded the firmware package. AnyFix will start to fix the system on your iPhone. It will show you the repair finished window when it’s done.

The Best 3 Tools To Fix iPhone Randomly Starting Issue

Wondershare Dr.Fone

You can utilize Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS) tool to effectively address the problem of the iPhone randomly restarting and safeguarding your phone. 

This tool is compatible with various iOS versions and supports all major iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. 

It is a desktop application for Windows and Mac operating systems and can be downloaded easily.

Key Features:

  • No data loss whatsoever; only restore your iOS to normal.
  • Resolve a variety of iOS system difficulties, such as the white Apple logo, black screen, and looping on Start.
  • Corrects various other iPhone and iTunes issues, including iTunes problems 4013, 14, 27, 9, and more.
  • Well-suited with all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.
  • Supports the most recent iOS version and the iPhone 14/13/12/11/X.

Step 1: To download it to your computer and use it to run it whenever you need to fix a problem with your device, click the “Start Download” option above. Select “System Repair” > “iPhone” > “iOS Repair” on your computer while your iPhone is connected.

The Best 3 Tools To Fix iPhone Randomly Starting Issue

Step 2: Standard Repair and Advance Repair are the two choices to fix iPhone Keeps Restarting when a new window appears. Pick the first one wisely.

The Best 3 Tools To Fix iPhone Randomly Starting Issue

Start the iPhone’s recovery process. When your device enters recovery mode, the program will recognize it. 

Step 3: To download the necessary firmware on your system, confirm the device model and choose the system version. To download it, click the “Download” button.

Step 4: Sit and unwind because downloading the necessary firmware for your phone may take some time. Keep your device connected to the network and avoid disconnecting it at any point during the procedure.

The Best 3 Tools To Fix iPhone Randomly Starting Issue

Step 5: The software will fix your phone when the pertinent firmware is downloaded. An on-screen indicator will let you know how it is doing.

Step 6: The following screen will appear once the process is finished.

Click “Try Again” to repeat the procedure if you do not achieve the desired results.

Unictool Umendit

An all-in-one automated repair for iPhone boot loops and many other issues is Unictool Umendit. The Umendit tool will allow you to repair your iPhone without losing data.

Key Features: 

  • Fix your iOS devices, No data loss
  • Powerful enough to fix several system problems and failures
  • One-click to enter or exit recovery mode
  • You can downgrade your iPhone with Umendit and do it without jailbreaking
  • Reset your iOS devices without a password

Step 1: Umendit can be downloaded, installed, and run on your computer. Then, on the main interface, choose Standard Repair.

The Best 3 Tools To Fix iPhone Randomly Starting Issue

Step 1: Connected your device to the computer. You are directed to the firmware downloading interface when the device is detected. If not, follow the instructions to enter DFU/recovery mode on your iPhone.

Step 2: Install firmware. Umendit will now automatically download all the necessary firmware for your device. Decide which one you want, then click Next. You can select the version you want to update at this stage.

Step 3:Start repairing. Click the Start button on the screen after downloading the firmware, then wait a while.


In conclusion, if you are dealing with the frustrating issue of your iPhone randomly restarting, it is highly recommended to use Dr.Fone as the ideal solution.

Dr.Fone is a reliable and powerful tool specializing in fixing various iOS system issues, including random restarts. It offers advanced repair capabilities without causing any data loss.

With its user-friendly interface and compatibility with a wide range of iPhone models and iOS versions, Dr.Fone provides a seamless and efficient experience in resolving the restarting problem.