The Best Features to Look For In An Identity Monitoring Service


Identity theft is becoming rife, and fraudsters are using different tricks and techniques to hack your information and commit fraudulent activities. For instance, someone can apply for a mortgage in your name, and this kind of fraud can ruin your reputation and credit. Therefore, you should choose ideal theft protection and monitoring service to help you discover such issues and fight back. Many companies provide monitoring services, so selecting an appropriate one can feel like an overwhelming task. However, there are different steps you can take when choosing a service provider. Keep on reading to learn the best features you should look for in an identity monitoring service. 

The Best Features to Look For In An Identity Monitoring Service

Identity Theft Insurance

The best identity theft protection service offers identity theft insurance that helps protect you when your identity is stolen. Most companies provide a cap of $1million in reimbursement. Insurance is a must, especially when you take into account elements like costs and legal fees involved in the recovery process. Insurance also protects you against financial loss if you happen to be a victim of identity theft. Make sure the provider you choose offers sufficient protection that suits your needs. The service provider must provide information about the available guarantees and the circumstances when you can get them.

Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring is probably the most important component of the entire exercise since your identity theft protection service tracks your borrowing and spending activity. If they notice anything suspicious, they will contact you for further verification. Make sure your service provider monitors all the major credit bureaus. Before you sign up for the identity protection service, you must check out these identity theft protection services to ensure that you are fully covered. You may not recall every transaction on your credit report so that identity theft companies can track any suspicious activities using reports obtained from the major credit bureaus. You need to understand that no credit monitoring service can prevent identity theft, but constant monitoring and instant alerts will significantly help you take appropriate action before harm occurs. Be wary of companies that promise to protect your data since this is impossible.

Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is a deeper section of the internet, often excluded by search engines. It is where illicit personal information like login credentials, credit card numbers, and social security numbers are sold by criminals. To access the dark web, you need special software or configurations. However, other identity theft protection services with dark monitoring can scan this part of the web to check if anyone is using your information. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself from online identity fraud, you need to engage a company that can monitor and scan dark places of the web where criminals usually sell stolen information.  If the identity theft company finds anything that resembles your information during the scan, they will notify you about the breach.

Family Plans

When you choose a plan, check if it offers family coverage. If you want to protect the information of your spouse, parents, or children, you must select a provider with a family plan. You can add family members to your account instead of creating one for each member. The service will provide equal protection to each member of your account. The ideal plan offers you great flexibility since you can monitor everything from a single account.

Mobile Apps

Check if the identity theft protection service has a mobile app for monitoring your account on the go. You should be able to access the service wherever you go. Make sure the company you choose has a mobile app that can perform other functions like preventing phishing on your device. These apps are convenient and easy to use.


You should get all the information about the cost of the program before the service provider asks for your payment information, name, and address. There are different plans, and their prices vary depending on the perks offered. For instance, a standard plan usually costs between $8 and $15 but only offers a single-bureau credit score monitoring. Advanced plans are more expensive since they provide monitoring from all the credit bureaus, enhanced Social Security monitoring, and family identity protection. Therefore, you must compare pricing and get the best deal you can afford. You also need to look for providers who offer discounts and free trials to give you an idea about how different features of the plan function. You can cancel a free trial any time if you are not satisfied.

Identity Theft Restoration

If you are a victim of identity theft, you need quality support during the restoration process. You will need help from counselors or specialists who can assist you through the stages of finding an attorney, contacting credit agencies, and completing vital paperwork. If you experience identity theft, you can end up going through financial, emotional, and legal burdens. This is why you should choose a program that provides complete identity theft restoration. There are providers that offer 24/7 services. 

Social Security Number Monitoring

Your social security number is unique and confidential. A third party should never access it since fraudsters can use it to get other details about you to conduct fraudulent activities under your name. Therefore, make sure the provider you choose monitors your Social Security number and dark web areas for any sign of fraud. If any, they will send a report with the names of the suspected people associated with your SSN. 

Privacy Policy

A professional company should follow good practices and must have a transparent privacy policy. Identity theft companies collect sensitive information from different people. Therefore, they must ensure that the information is not accessed by unauthorized persons. Essentially, the aim of enlisting the services of an identity monitoring company is to protect data. In short, the providers need to be exemplary.

The Best Features to Look For In An Identity Monitoring Service

Identity theft is rampant since cybercriminals are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, and they use different tricks to steal information that belongs to other individuals. Identity thieves can use your information to commit fraud in your name which can affect your credit. To reduce the impact of data theft, it is essential to engage an identity monitoring service to look out for any suspicious activities involving your information. To get the best provider, you need to take into consideration some of the tips mentioned above. 


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