The Best iOS Apps Built For Lawyers


Apps are the definitive tools for the 21st century, and all industries must catch up or fall behind in the trend. Even lawyers and other professions can benefit from having an app that’s readily available.

The Best iOS Apps Built For Lawyers

Attorneys are using iPads as part of their law practice in the modernization process. Today’s technology allows them to continue working on cases even when they’re not in their offices or in the courtroom. A daycare injury lawyer or any type of lawyer can download any of these very useful apps for free or a nominal cost.

Readdle Docs

An iPad document manager app that can save, file and store documents. It will prove to be extremely useful when you need to access a specific document anywhere you are. Some of the formats Readdle can open include iWork files, MS Office docs, PDFs and more. Open the document and you can highlight with multiple colors or add notes as needed.

It’s an iPad app that works best for those who are constantly marking and reading trial transcripts and depositions. Pages can be tabbed, passages highlighted and reference notes can be accessed without having to sit in front of the computer.


The Fastcase app gives lawyers complete access to the whole Fastcase library and legal system for free. It’s convenient in that you have the ability to pull up any case for citation purposes to help you win the trial. Last-minute legal research at lightning-fast speeds gives attorneys the ability to search on federal and state cases in the US.


TrialPad is a useful app for organizing case presentations in the courtroom. Lawyers can annotate their legal documents for court hearings, mediation presentation and jury trials, among others. A photo or document in TrialPad can be converted to Adobe PDF. Moreover, you can redact, redline or highlight, and display exhibits or images via a monitor or projector.


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