The Best Modem Router

Despite its deceptively simple design, this box is a rather complex device. Without going into technical difficulties — it represents a mini-computer with a processor, RAM and many interfaces of different protocols for users to be able to freely use a wireless high-speed Internet connection. At the same time, the unit does not just distribute the connection but has a multi-level architecture of data output protocols.

Today, at least one Wi-Fi router is necessarily installed in every office and every apartment. It not only distributes the Internet to all the devices but can also serve as a host for the local network. Moreover, using a router, you can combine household appliances in such a way to turn your usual living space into a smart home where each device is synchronized with the others. How to choose a Wi-Fi router for an apartment?

The Best Modem Router

What to Pay Attention to When Buying

Each router has a set of specific characteristics, any of which should be considered when you go to the store. Before turning to the specifications, it is suggested to get insight into the demand for popular models, such as arris surfboard sbg6400 in online markets in advance, and the first thing you need to pay attention to is device reviews.

If it turns out that the router overheats, reboots or even stops working at all — the device is of poor quality and simply can’t cope with the loads, so you don’t need to buy it. A router can be of very high-quality as for design, but it is unable to transmit a signal from one room to another in reality. Note that the coverage area varies depending on the number of antennas on the router.

The Best Modem Router

Technical Nuances When Choosing a Router

  • ROM — bootable FLASH memory, responsible for protocol execution and timely unloading of necessary drivers and their interaction.
  • CPU — the brain of the device, as a rule, relies on trim levels with 500mHz frequency and higher.
  • RAM — random access memory.

Pay close attention to the antennas and texture, the width and quality of your Wi-Fi connection depend directly on their length and quantity.

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