The Best SEO Tips For Online Blogging


Aside from coming up with a well-written content, bloggers will need to consider how they can rank up in search engines. The higher up you appear, the more views and reach you get and the more your blog gets noticed.

Best SEO Tips For Online Blogging

Check out these 6 easy SEO tips you can use right now.

Do Some Keyword Research

In your blog niche, would you know what keywords your audience is using to read or view relevant content? Using these keywords in your articles is the key to being seen on the internet.

Where Do You Put These Keywords?

Once you have a few relevant keywords you’d like to use, consider how you can insert them in your articles. Some of the best spots include the Title, as Anchor Text, under Meta Descriptions or Title Tags, Concluding Paragraph, Introductory Sentence and Headings and Sub-Headings.

Having one or two per article should be enough. Don’t keyword stuff, or put too much as it can appear spammy and you’ll get penalized by Google for it.

Include Other Sites

If possible, reference another blog site or article that has gotten a lot of views via links that your readers can click to get to the source. This practice is called linking, and doing so encourages sharing visitors and receiving a link back.

Quality backlinks are especially valuable in the blogging community as everyone is striving to be on top of search engine results. You can get free dofollow backlinks to establish yourself as a niche authority, for climbing the Alexa ranking and of course, gaining more traffic.

Image Optimization is a Must

A good, well-structured post should contain pictures and images intersped between paragraphs of text. When you upload a particular photo, rename it to a keyword that’s appropriate to the content and complete alt text fields with the same keywords.

The Power of Social Media

After creating a blog post, expand your possible reach by announcing it on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or Twitter. Put up a short description, then include the link so those who are interested can view the article by clicking on it.

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