The Best VPN for Netflix

Netflix has quickly risen to the top of the list regarding entertainment platforms. Whether you’re looking for a quick 15-minute laugh from a TV show, something more serious in the form of a documentary, or even a more enveloping story from a two-hour-long movie, this streaming platform has it all. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t subscribe to Netflix, one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world!

But, there is something about Netflix that some users have been complaining about. If you’ve been a long-time subscriber, you’ll know all about the way that Netflix has different movies and TV shows in every country. Perhaps you’ve traveled to another country and had your recommendations flooded with a whole host of new movies, or you’ve seen some people on Twitter talking about how great that brand-new series is.

The Best VPN for Netflix

Many Netflix subscribers around the world have complained about the fact that they need to pay the same subscription fees but have access to different content. The majority of people agree that the US version of Netflix has a much wider range of movies and TV series to choose from. But, what if there was a way to access different versions of Netflix without having to travel to other countries? All you need to do is install one of the top 5 Netflix VPNs on your device and you’re good to go! Not sure how? Keep reading to find out!

Here are some reasons why Netflix is different abroad

First things first, why is Netflix different in every country? There is a wide variety of movies available in the United States, both old and new. But, if you’re in Australia, you won’t have access to the same movies, and you might even find some uniquely Australian content on your version of Netflix. Strangely, it’s the same platform, you pay the same subscription fees, yet, you get completely different content.

Netflix needs to secure licensing from giant media corporations to stream specific content on their platform. The licensing of these titles comes with strict rules that Netflix needs to follow. One of these rules limits them from streaming the content in specific regions or countries around the world. In short, then, it means that Netflix has no say in which content they put out for users in other countries (for example, you might not have access to the Lord of the Rings movies anywhere except in the US).

A website like Netflix uses your IP address to determine where you are physically located. This is why the platform can recommend the top 10 movies and series in your country. On the internet, an IP address identifies your device uniquely. Using this unique identifier, Netflix will show you content that is only available in your region.

You may have noticed that if you Google a movie that is not available in your region, the link to the Netflix title will still show up in the search results. However, if you click the link to open it on Netflix, you’ll simply be met with an error message that informs you that the title is not available in your region. Netflix uses your IP address to determine whether you are allowed to stream the content or not, and if you’re in the incorrect country or region, you’ll be blocked from viewing the content — this is known as geo-blocking.

The Cybersecurity Tool You Need

As frustrating as geo-blocking has been for Netflix users, it’s not the end of the world. That’s because there is a way that you can get around it! All you need to do is install a simple cybersecurity tool that will allow you to hop right over these digital fences and get hold of any Netflix movie or TV show you want.

The tool in question is a virtual private network or VPN for short. A VPN is the ultimate sanctuary for both your privacy and security while surfing online, as it encrypts all facets of your device’s internet connection. By doing this, a VPN safeguards you from any external actor that attempts to peek into what activities you are conducting on the web.

However, With a VPN, you can securely connect to global servers located across the globe and hide your real IP address. Instead of using your own IP address, you will utilize the server’s IP address once connected. Utilizing this connection means that all data transmitted is encrypted for maximum privacy and security. Remember, an IP address is a unique identifier that Netflix uses to pinpoint your location!

This means that if you can change your IP address to one in another country you could trick Netflix into thinking that you are physically in that country. For example, if you’re in Germany, you can launch your VPN and connect to a server in the United States. Netflix would recognize your device as being in the US because of the IP address, and allow you to access all of the content that you can only access from inside the United States.

Discover How to Select the Perfect VPN for You!

Before you get started with your Google search for the ideal VPN, remember two crucial elements. Sadly, not all VPNs can access Netflix since they endanger their business by unblocking content; double-check that your preferred choice is compatible! By doing so, you ensure a hassle-free streaming experience!

After considering the potential risks, selecting a premium VPN is your safest bet. While free VPN services may seem enticing, they come with many undesirable consequences to streaming performance and user security. Free options have been known to cause low connection speeds that can impede playback quality, introduce ads into movie or TV show streams, lack robust data encryption protocols for maximum protection when browsing online, contain limited global server access locations necessitating less reliable internet connections from remote regions of the world as well as restricting daily usage amounts which could lead to service interruptions mid-streaming session if exceeded.