With Zero-click exploit hackers can apparently hack an iphone with text message without the user knowing. This will give access to the hacker to read text messages, view call logs, browser history and device information. You can read your spouse text messages with this website

The Best Ways to Hack an iPhone Text Messages

Many people are vulnerable to this hacking technique but this comes with a heavy price and mostly not for individuals. Government, cocoperate agencies have access to these tools.

These hacking software is sold to government to fight terrorism, corrupt officials. The possibility of hacking an iPhone is plenty.

For the purpose of this article, hackers are not the only ones who can have access into your device with a text message. You can also use a spy app to access a phone remotely with a simple text message. Let’s discuss how.

The Best Ways to Hack an iPhone Text Messages

How to Hack an iPhone Text Messages

How is it possible to hack an iPhone with text messages? First you need to know what you will consider in theory. First, to read the activities of an iPhone, you will require iCloud credentials to monitor such devices.

For a less tech-savvy individual, using an iCloud credential can open a new level of how you can monitor your kids phone ethically.

All you require to spy on the iPhone is using iCloud credentials and apps like Nova spy gives you premium access to this device.

You will require an app that can provide sufficient and stealth ready capacity to monitor any device. Apps like Nova spy are described as spy apps.

Spy apps are the easier, more flexible and straightforward approach to hacking phones. Both an android and an iPhone can be hacked by a spy app. Spy apps can not only just hack text messages, but they can also hack the target’s contacts, location (both visited locations and current location).

They can also provide you access to all social media apps on the user  phone. Each spy app has a different array of features, and each has different prices.

The Best Ways to Hack an iPhone Text Messages

Nova Spy

Nova spy is such a brilliant app when it comes to monitor someone’s iPhone undetected. It can best be described as a powerful app which can render multiple functions not only for iPhone but Android too.

The Nova spy lets you hack all sorts of things in the target phone with its countless features. It shows the activities of the user on his or her cell phone. From incoming calls, to WhatsApp messages and tracking of user GPS devices.

Nova spy is not new to any device but an app that can ease your worries as the Nova spy app will show you everything on the target person’s iPhone and their text messages.

Features of Nova Spy

The Nova spy app allows you to hack an iPhone to read text messages but what features stand out when using this app. Using the Nova spy app to read messages is not the only function of this app. There are inbuilt functions to make it reliable and trusted.

The Best Ways to Hack an iPhone Text Messages


This small program captures every keystroke that someone types and stores it in a file. People with passwords are always at risk, but they are especially vulnerable if they use social media. A keylogger can pick up passwords typed inside Facebook Messenger or on WhatsApp, or text conversations that people create on Skype or Viber. With this information, this app can gain access to conversation, read messages.

Live Screenshot

It means that you get live screenshots of the activity on their screen without them knowing they are being watched. You can view when they are chatting or texting but also know if they are taking a break and not using their phone. You can even mute any sounds from happening in case you accidentally want to take a nap.

App Blocking

Nova is a personal protection app that is available for most smartphones including iPhones and Android devices. Just open the Nova spy web account, read your child’s messages in real time without them knowing, and block the inappropriate apps to protect your kids from dangerous things on their phone.

Browser history

It is important for your whole family to monitor their browsing history in order to protect them from harmful websites and view each others’ online activity. Nova spy can not only hide your browsing activity but it cycles through all the history details like websites visited and number of visits.

Alternative Methods of hacking text messages of an iPhone

iPhones generally have more strict security than an android phone, making them harder to hack. Newer iPhones have even stricter security measures, and some people even keep antiviruses on their phones, which makes hacking into them very difficult but not impossible.

Lots of hackers still hack into iPhones even through these security measures and antiviruses. There are several ways to hack an iPhone’s text messages.


Phishing is the method where you send a message to the user’s phone, and there’s a link attached to the message. This link leads them to a false website or a site that, upon opening, automatically makes them download an app that is infected with malware. When the user goes to this link and opens it, it will hack their phones, and the person who hacked them, which is you or the hacker you hired, can see everything that they do on their phone. You can view their credentials, contacts, social media apps, and emails and most importantly, you can see the user’s messages. You will see who they texted and the texts from both the sender and receiver.

Now in order to achieve hacking with this method successfully, you’ll have to send the message that is both believable and sounds genuine. A message that does not look suspicious is your goal. You can do this through two strategies.

  • Send the message impersonating a famous brand and say that the target person has won a prize from the brand or a discount coupon. Make the message sound sincere as possible and make it sound professional. Attach the link to the infected website or malware app with the message and send it through an email, online messenger or by text message.
  • Another strategy is that you can act as if you need help from the target and attach the ink with the message where they can help you through. When they open the link, their phone will get hacked, and you can access their text messages, media and other information.

Another variation of phishing is by bombarding the target with spam messages on their email or text messages. This strategy, however, doesn’t always work because the user often gets a hint that someone wants to hack them. You can do both of these methods after a little hacking knowhow or simply hire a hacker that will do it for you.

How to read someone’s text messages without their phone

Messaging is some of the most useful things a phone can give us, but it also can make us overthink a lot if we don’t get a reply quickly or if our messages may come off differently to the person we’re sending them to. If you’re texting someone you like texting a lot too, whether it’s your spouse, kid, a friend or any other person that’s close to you, and you feel as if they’re busier in talking to someone else rather than you or there could be any other reason too. There could be a lot of reasons, but you can’t stop from overthinking about it.

To stop this overthinking, you want a solution that both soothes your overthinking and helps you figure out why the person you’re texting isn’t giving the same energy that you’re giving. Hacking comes to mind when you’re thinking of phone-related solutions. Hacking a phone will both ease your mind from any overthinking and also will let you know why the person isn’t responding quickly or isn’t replying a lot.

You may think that hacking requires a lot of effort and time, but surprisingly there are several methods to hack a phone, whether it’s an android or an iPhone. These several methods can be effortless and easy and can also be complicated. Some would even be complicated enough for you that you’ll have to hire a hacker for.

How to hack someone’s messages and read remotely

Nova spy is a spy app that lets you monitor and read someone’s messages remotely. This is convenient because there are times when the person whose messages you’ve hacked may not be aware of the fact that they were being monitored by some random person on the internet.

Nova spy can also handle phone calls. Other features include a password that protects your account, parental control to prevent children from using the app, and a 24-hour live chat staff who can help in case anything goes awry while monitoring someone else’s conversations. Overall, it is an easy app to use with multiple features to give you peace of mind while monitoring messages and phone calls on your behalf.

How to hack someone’s messages with their number

Ultimate phone spy is a mobile spying tool that allows you to spy on a current or target phone without touching it and learn the truth about everything. It can trace texts, collect contact info, and even access photos with various password-protected accounts.

One is able to track a phone’s conversations and everything that is done on it by just sending only one message. The benefits of this kind of spying are many. It can be used to develop personal relationships or find out who has engaged in illicit or questionable activities with someone else that you care about.

There really is no downside to using it as long as no matter what personal data the target receives from a spy, the person being tracked must know that they were being watched in some way.

How to hack your partner’s text messages

To hack your partner’s text messages, you will need a spy app that can do the job for you. Ultimate phone spy is a powerful app that can be used to intercept and view text messages from your partner’s phone. However, to get started with catching your partner cheating, you’re going to need Ultimate phone spy. It’s an iPhone handler that has the ability to covertly view a cheating spouse on their device.

Ultimate phone spy and Nova spy app are two of the best spy apps that will help you see what your partner is texting. For either of these two spy apps, be sure to get these apps to read text messages. After trying them out, you’ll be able to know if they can work for your needs.

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