The Best Wireless Microphone Systems in 2021

When it’s chosen wisely and well-made, a wireless microphone can prove incredibly useful when it comes to live performances. After all, it allows the performer to move freely and focus solely on their performance, without having to worry about getting tangled in cords.

Technology is rapidly advancing. While they were flimsy and unstable before, wireless microphones have come a long way since, and most of the once common connectivity issues have been solved. In light of that, here’s a brief recap of the best-rated wireless microphone systems in 2021, sorted by their types.

The Best Wireless Microphone Systems in 2021

The Best Wireless Microphone Systems Money Can Buy in 2021

Note: Features and specs can vary depending on the particular model you choose. Go to the official manufacturer’s website for the most accurate and detailed information. Also, make sure to check FCC’s guidelines regarding frequencies in your area before buying.

Sennheiser EW 100-835S — Best Handheld Single-Mic Set

If you’re seeking a single wireless mic for recording, stand-up, and other one-man shows, Sennheiser’s EW 100 series is always a good choice. However, due to its highly stable and balanced frequency response, the 835S is our favorite.

It’s an all-in-one mic system with a tuning bandwidth of up to 42Hz and a UTF range of up to 300 feet. In other words, it can endure the loudest and most dynamic performances like a champion.

Shure BLX288/SM58 — Best Handheld Dual-Mic Set

Given the long history of this company, it was difficult to choose just one Shure wireless microphone system. Nevertheless, we opted for the Shure BLX288/SM58 dual-mic system. After all, it’s robust and reliable, with a solid transmission range of 300ft.

Furthermore, it’s quite easy to set up and use, making it the perfect microphone for those spontaneous karaoke duets with your friends. It’s battery-powered, allowing you to use it for 14 hours straight before requiring a change.

Phenyx Pro PTU 7000A — Best Handheld Quad-Mic Set

The Phenyx Pro PTU 7000A is a 4-channel cordless mic set with selectable frequencies. It can easily handle up to 328ft of transmission distance. And not just that — it can automatically scan frequencies, detect the most optimal one and thus minimize interference.

We also loved this set’s rugged metal construction, as well as its clean LCD display. Another plus is that it has up to 16 hours of battery life.

Pyle PDWM8400 — Best Handheld Octo-Mic Set

When you want to host large-scale shows, parties, and other events, you need something powerful and stable, such as Pyle’s PDWM8400 cordless 8-channel microphone system. This set provides professional sound quality and has a balanced XLR output for less interference.

With this system, you can cover any type of venue, as it has a range of more than 500 feet. Also, you can easily switch the frequency to make it compatible with the country you’re in. In addition, each transmitter has its own volume dial. If you want, you can even top it with a mic stand.

Hands-free Mic Sets

Let’s not forget about the other, hands-free options. For starters, by far one of the best wireless headset microphone systems is the FIFINE K037B. After all, it’s versatile, lightweight, comfortable, and produces clean audio. You even get a bonus lavalier mic.

Speaking of which, our favorite lavalier mic system is the Movo WMX-1, as it gives you the most bang for your buck. It has a decent range, it’s affordable, and you can connect it to numerous types of devices.


With so many cordless microphone options on the market, you can surely find a model that will provide the kind of sound you need for your event. Before deciding and making a purchase (and a big one, at that), you should check whether the system is compatible with the size of your venue, the number of speakers/performers, the receiver frequency, etc.