The Best Writing Apps Every Student Needs

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
The Best Writing Apps Every Student Needs

Apps are making things easier, from communication to video editing and banking. In the same light, students have numerous and excellent apps to make essay writing easy, fast, and enjoyable. You may be wondering, can I pay someone to do my assignment? The answer is a straight yes. Paying online helpers allows you to spend your time and energy on more profitable engagements without compromising your grades.

The Best Writing Apps Every Student Needs

Apps perform such tasks as typing, editing, citations, referencing, and organizing your ideas, among others. App stores have numerous apps offering the same help. It is the features of these apps that will determine whether an app is suitable for your assignment. Here are excellent apps to consider for your essay writing.

The Best Writing Apps Every Student Needs


When the grammar is off, nothing else matters. Students with the best ideas have failed because of grammar. The meaning and expression of ideas are lost in typos, misplaced phrases, and poor word choice. Grammarly comes as a solution to poor grammar.

Grammarly helps you to adhere to basic grammar writing guidelines. In the absence of bad grammar and misplaced words, your paper will be smooth to read. You express your ideas with incredible clarity, especially avoiding misinterpretation.

Grammarly comes with a free version that allows you to test the features before paying for advanced ones. It is available on Android and iOS devices and can be used online or offline. You can also install Grammarly on word processing software, making it easier to edit.

Grammarly is not just for students with grammar issues. It can be used to check plagiarism, helping you to pick the plagiarized areas, connect with the original document and correct the affected areas.

Grammarly does not just highlight mistakes. It will provide a reason for a word to be considered for correction. It also suggests alternatives with an explanation of why the alternative is the best fitting. As you read through the comments, you can understand your writing style better. You will be learning more about grammar, helping you to write better papers in the future.


Essay organization makes it easy to read and enjoyable. Scrivener is the perfect app to organize your ideas so that the essay can make sense to the reader. The app helps you to create an outline so that your ideas can flow logically from the introduction to the conclusion, making your paper compelling to read.

Scrivener assist in planning the essay through the following features

  • Allows you to insert images, tables, and infographics that will help you to make a point. It would be a perfect tool to craft the data presentation section of your paper.
  • Creating presets and templates that you can use for future projects. You can also edit these templates or sections of the template, enabling you to meet the needs of different essay topics. It will create a flexible format for your essay.
  • Scrivener is open to the importation of documents and files from other apps. For instance, you can import tables, images, and infographics from other platforms without losing formatting or the features you have already added.
  • The app provides a corkboard as well as an outliner for your essay. These features give you an overview of your essay by focusing on the main ideas and supporting subtitles.
  • Scrivener supports the addition of footnotes in your essay. This is a crucial part of academic writing to help readers to follow your work. It is one of the features that result in a standard essay or research paper.

Scrivener comes with settings that allow you to create writing targets as well as monitor time usage. Having planned your essay, it will now be easier to focus on the actual discussion, making your paper more interesting to read. Scrivener is available for iOS as well as Android gadgets. You have a free version but can also purchase extra features at an affordable price that guarantees excellent value for money.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Have you had an idea that you cannot express well because you lack words? Are you looking for new ways to express old ideas for your paper? Merriam Webster Dictionary is the app that will unlock your language potential.

It helps you to avoid repetitive writing that would make your paper mundane to read. With Merriam Webster Dictionary, you can add excellent vocabulary to your paper, making it more interesting to read. The app also comes with incredible word games that turn you into a language master. Your essays will capture the imagination of every reader, especially because of the excellent choice of words.

iDeas for Writing

students waste a lot of time crafting the first few words of a paragraph or essay. iDeas for writing are designed to get you out of this jail. The app generates ideas around the keywords you have provided, helping you to kick start the essay writing process.

iDeas for writing is available for Android and iOS devices. You can start with the free version before proceeding to the paid option which comes with more features. With multiple ideas suggested from one word, you will produce the most captivating essay.


It is a note-taking app that will make your research easier. You classify the notes based on topics, dates, and other titles. With an advanced search option and cloud storage, you can retrieve your notes anytime and from any device.

Writing apps are endless. Choose an app that matches your writing needs and expectations. Where you have to pay, you must ensure that the app will provide value for money.

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By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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