The BLUETTI AC200P Power Station is Just the Right Balance of Capacity and Portability

BLUETTI has created a versatile power station that’s not only reliable but also packed with features, including several charging options, a hefty capacity and a helpful LCD touch display that gives users what they need to know in a single glance.

The AC200P is Bluetti’s answer to the RV crowd and those who want all their creature comforts even when they’re camping outdoors or on the road.

The BLUETTI AC200P Power Station is Just the Right Balance of Capacity and Portability

Reliable Power Without Being Too Heavy

Measuring 16.5 x 15.2 x 11 inches for length, width and height, and a weight of 57 pounds, the AC200P has a similar footprint to that of a guitar amplifier. It’s portable enough to fit into a car trunk or the passenger seat and touts a tough, yet stylish semi water-resistant shell.

The power station can churn out an impressive 2,000W of power and take a maximum 25A/700W solar input, which is stored in a high quality LifePo4 battery with a 2,500 rated life cycle.

AC200P owners won’t find the input and output options lacking. It’s more than capable for those who want their smartphones, tablets and laptops fully charged and juiced up over the weekend, thanks to the hefty 540,000mAh capacity when using the USB-C or USB A port. Switching to USB-C and DC equates to a lower 135,000mAh capacity but should be more than enough to charge a laptop or similar device about half a dozen times over.

The BLUETTI AC200P Power Station is Just the Right Balance of Capacity and Portability

Superb Output and Input Options

The AC200P boasts not just one, but five different ways to charge. There’s the car adapter, the AC adapter for home, via solar panel, lead acid battery and a traditional gas or diesel generator.

Once it’s juiced up the power station can practically charge and power all your gadgets and small appliances. What’s amazing is that every port can be used simultaneously, making it possible to charge up to seventeen devices simultaneously!

AC200P owners get a USB-C PD port at max 60W charging speed and four USB A ports with up to 5V or 3A capacity to charge up virtually any gadget, from smartphones to tablets and USB-powered accessories. Then there are two Qi wireless pads at the top for Qi-compatible phones, AirPods and Apple Watch, both of which can put out a max of 15W combined.

Rounding out the rest are 2 12V DC ports, a 12V DC car port and a 12V DC outlet for appliances and items that need a traditional plug. Last but not least, there are 6 AC outlets for creature comforts.

The BLUETTI AC200P Power Station is Just the Right Balance of Capacity and Portability

BLUETTI’s AC200P Keeps the Lights, and All Your Equipment On

Bluetti has created another innovative power solution for those who don’t wish to rely on the grid. The AC200P sports quality of life improvements, specifically the touch screen LCD display that shows important details such as charge level, status and more.

The quick charge capability of the Dual AC adapter and solar + AC allows AC200P owners to fully charge their units for only two and a half hours, something that few other energy products have. Furthermore, it’s gas-free, cost-effective, eco-friendly and offers a quieter operation compared to a traditional power generator.

Bluetti has priced its large capacity, high power AC200P attractively. It’s one of the best power solutions in the market today. The AC200P should fit in well and offer plenty of value to just about every household. Make sure to check out more details about the AC200P on the official website.