The BLUETTI AC500 Power Station Debuts Soon

The much-awaited launch of the BLUETTI AC500 is coming. On September 1, 3PM GMT, the power station market will soon have a champion on hand, thanks to the AC500’s modularity and superb capacity.

Why Buy the AC500?

Bluetti’s newest solar generator is the successor to the popular AC300. Here are some of the highlights of the AC500.

BLUETTI AC500 Power Station Debuts Soon
  • Fully expandable and modular, with a total capacity of 18,432Wh max
  • Supports both B300S and B300 battery packs
  • 10K watt surge with the 5,000 AC pure sine wave inverter
  • Simultaneous dual charging and multiple charging options, including solar
  • Bluetti app connectivity for wireless control

With all these neat features you expect something that’s heavy, bulky and unwieldy. However, the beauty of the AC500 is that it’s modular and that users can choose to bring one or several supported battery packs depending on what they need.

AC300 owners won’t have to get a new battery module since the B300 and B300S can fit right in.

The BLUETTI AC500 Power Station Debuts Soon

The AC500 Features, at a Glance

Industry-Leading LiFePO4 Battery

Bluetti does away with traditional and inefficient lithium-ion batteries and has shifted to the newer, more reliable and safer LiFePO4 technology. It’s super durable even on long term use, boasting an 80% capacity at 3,500 charging cycles. That said, you can expect your AC500 to stand the test of time, or around 10 years or so even when you charge it daily.

UPS, Backup Power and Off-Grid Solution

The main draw of solar generators is how they ease reliance on the grid. Having enough capacity means you can let the AC500 do its fair share of work in powering your household day in and day out. If you’re lucky enough to live in a region that gets consistent sun, then you’ll find the AC500 to be an essential power companion.

Bluetti has added a UPS, or uninterrupted power supply to the AC500 so you can save important data in the event of a blackout. You can have the power station man your expensive and sensitive gadgets and appliances for protection against power surge and similar damages.

The BLUETTI AC500 Power Station Debuts Soon

An Excellent Array of Input and Output Choices

The AC500 boasts numerous output options, including two 12V DC outlets, four USB-A ports, two USB-C ports and even wireless charging pads that deliver up to 15W each. You’ll find each to be supremely useful, especially if you have several appliances and gadgets or are traveling with a small group or family.

The input options are just as impressive, and the AC500 has the ability to get from 0 to 80 percent in just half an hour via dual charging technology. Otherwise, you can just let the power of the sun bring your batteries up to speed, or use the car cigarette lighter for on-the-go charging solutions.

Expandable Depending On Your Power Needs

A modular power station means it’s for everyone who’s thought about adding a sustainable power supply to their home or RV. The AC500 can accommodate up to six B300 units for a massive 18,432Wh capacity. Whether you intend to use the AC500 for weekend trips or have it as a power center for your home essentials, you can add battery packs as needed to achieve this end.

The BLUETTI AC500 Power Station Debuts Soon

When Will the AC500 Become Available?

Bluetti’s latest solar generator will be making its debut on September 1 at 3pm GMT. The all-in package will consist of the AC500 and B300S combo. It’s recommended that you visit the official Bluetti AC500 Indiegogo page once it goes live.

You can also get more details on the upcoming AC500 on the official Bluetti website,

Special Deal for AC500 Grand Launch

Those interested in the AC500 can avail of the early bird offer and debut discount when the solar station launches on September 1. The first 300 orders on Indiegogo will get the AC500 and B300S combo for only $2,999.

Mark your calendar and bookmark the official AC500 Indiegogo page to be one of the first to get the highly anticipated Bluetti product.


Green energy solutions company Bluetti has been in the sustainable power industry for over 10 years. The brand’s product is sold in more than 70 regions across the globe.