The EB70 by Bluetti Packs a Portable Power Punch For Your Energy Needs On The Go

Bluetti, an up-and-coming energy solutions company has recently launched its EB70 to the delight of RV enthusiasts, outdoor campers and those who want a compact power station they can take with them everywhere.

The EB70 by Bluetti Packs a Portable Power Punch For Your Energy Needs On The Go

Superior Energy Solution

The EB70 comes in three colors and boasts high-end power storage features not found among the competition. For starters, it only weighs 21 pounds and has a small footprint at just 12 by 8.5 by 8.7 inches. The company has added a sturdy handle for carrying the product one-handed and adds to the overall convenience.

Inside, the EB70 isn’t lacking in the power and utility department. Owners can look forward to the hefty 700Wh capacity (rated 700 watt power) and an industry leading 200W solar charging MPPT built right inside the box. Furthermore, no other gadget or attachment is needed to use the EB70 on electric appliances, thanks to the Pure Sine Wave inverter. Just plug it in and the appliance will work as intended without compromising user safety and the appliance’s lifespan.

The small yet powerful energy storage solution has not just several, but twelve outlets for all your energy needs. It can power everything from laptops to electric cookers and even a mini space heater, among others. There’s even a wireless charging pad for compatible devices. Last but not least, Bluetti has added a super rapid charging PD3.0 technology for those who need to get their devices powered up as soon as possible.

Rounding out the list are 4 AC outlets, a 12V/10A cigarette lighter outlet, 2 DC5521 outlets, 2 USB A and 2 100W USB C outlets.

The EB70 by Bluetti Packs a Portable Power Punch For Your Energy Needs On The Go

EB70 Quality of Life Features

Bluetti understands that safety measures are just as important as power output and generation. The EB70 is the perfect balance of those aspects as the company has invested in higher quality batteries, smart fans and an internal protection controller.

The battery used in the EB70 are durable LiFePO4s that can last up to 2,500 charge cycles and have an energy retention rate of up to 80 percent. The firm has put in all the safety protocols so owners won’t have to worry about fire hazards, electrical hazards and unwarranted explosions. An intelligent cooling fan works in the background and runs silently as to preserve the quiet users enjoy in the great outdoors.

Gone are the days when users are left guessing how much energy is in their power stations. The EB70 has a LED light indicator, LED power button and LCD display to show how much charge is left (in increments) as well as input/output readings.

The EB70 by Bluetti Packs a Portable Power Punch For Your Energy Needs On The Go

Three Ways to Charge

EB70 owners won’t have any problems when it comes to topping up their products. It’s worthy to note that all of them charge up the EB70 quickly and safely, which allows users to use it on almost all occasions.

First, using the 200W wall outlet will charge the power station up to 80 percent in under 3 hours.

For a greener option, users can pair the EB70 up with Bluetti’s SP200 200 watt solar panel. It only takes up to 4 and a half hours to get to 100 percent.

Third, the EB70 can be charged using a traditional generator.

Bluetti continues to innovate with the EB70. It’s portable and has a slew of features that make it a favorite among campers, vacationers and weekend warriors.


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